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SWAT Training

Basic Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) training provides students the opportunity to learn SWAT tactics include room clearing live fire as a team, live fire squad room clearing with night vision goggles, rappelling with specialized descender system, live fire hostage rescue from a school bus and little bird with army helicopter MD350.

This training experience fit students from all levels from beginners to advanced.

Duration: 6 days (60 hours)

$ 7,500


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SWAT Training | Airborne CQB Room Clearing & Night Vision | ITS



Enrollment Requirements

Participants enrolling in this course need to meet the following status:

  • Former students from our CQB Training TAC 1-4 7 days and High Risk EP/PSD 9 days programs are welcome to attend this course as well.

  • Course open for civilians from all levels (you don't need to have police or military background to take the course / we accept beginners from all levels - an interview and have a background check with our representative to be approved for the course for questions contact us.

  • International students are welcome

Course Requirements

Participant Gear

  • Ballistic Helmet (if issued)

  • Tactical Body Armor with ballistic plates in conjunction with soft armor

  • Carbine or Sub-Gun with four (4) mags

  • Pistol with three (3) mags

  • Weapon mounted lights (preferred) and/or handheld lights

  • Spare batteries for all sights and lights.

  • Gloves, Cap, Knee Pads, Snacks, Bug Spray, Water

  • Weather appropriate clothing

  • Ballistic Eye Protection / Ear Protection

  • Notebook and Pen

- If you don't have any of the items we can provided it as part of the course fee for no additional cost

Physical Requirements

  • Participant should be in a fairly good physical

Course Topics

  • Building entry and searches

  • Dynamic entry techniques with live fire as a squad team day / low light / Night vision goggles G2.5

  • Bus hostage rescue live fire team exercises

  • Airborne little bird SWAT exercises

  • Rappelling with dedicated descender Omer 1 for SWAT units

  • Team organization

  • Resolution of barricaded suspects

  • Warrant service

  • Clearing structures

  • Team movement and communication

  • Hostage Rescue familiarization

  • Reconnaissance and reporting during special operations

  • Breaching

  • Immediate action drills

  • Personal gear setup and recommendations

  • Hasty vehicle take downs

  • Shooting tactics in compressed team environments

  • Unarmed subject control






Rifle Fundamentals: day and night shooting, gun malfunctions, magazine changes, introduction to room clearing, deliberate tactics  + Combat rappelling introduction from tower


Live Fire Exercises, two men. + Combat rappelling introduction + from tower


Live Fire as a squad, low light shooting, night vision, Bus Hostage Rescue (dry) + Combat rappelling


Live Fire as a squad, night vision, flash-bangs (stun grenades), breach demonstration (dry), Bus Hostage Rescue (wet). + Combat rappelling



Sneaking up (nighttime), squad work, night vision, kidnapping on the road, hostage rescue. + Combat rappelling from a little bird heli


Airborne exercises, shoot house using night vision goggles.

The tactical CQB system presented in the course inspired by Sayeret Matkal Training Tactics ,Sayeret Matkal Training

> Room clearing, CQB, live fire as an individual/pair/squad in a 360 shoot house.
> NVG (night vision goggles) with illumination and live fire as a squad.
> Patrol raid formation, sneaking as a team (nighttime), “Little Bird” helicopter ride..
> Day 1 - Pistol and Rifle Fundamentals.
> Day 2 - Room Clearing (dynamic entry, one man, live fire).
> Day 3 - Room Clearing (dynamic entry, two man, live fire).
> Day 4 - Room Clearing (three-man squad, at night, live fire).
> No course prerequisites.

How will training with the ITS help you progress?

We own the night

Top Tier Instructors

Instructors led by Tomer Israeli, former Israeli Army Captain of a commando reconnaissance (recon) unit and Special Agents Team Leader in Washington, D.C. Israeli served in the Israeli Delta Force (Yuval ‘92) during his army service.

The ITS SWAT Course Instructor Team is made up of former Israeli Delta Force (Sayeret Matkal), Israeli Marine Commando Unit (Shayetet 13), and Israeli National Counter-Terrorism Unit (YAMAM) members.

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We train like we fight here with Royal SWAT unit

Always Up-to-Date

Our team of instructors are carefully selected. All have served in combat roles in the past, with specific expertise on breaches (silent, cold, hot), snipers, rappelling, and more, and most still serve in either combat or instructor roles within their units. In this way, we ensure our students receive the most up-to-date training, skills, and knowledge.

Global partners

The Israeli Tactical School has fostered close relationships with key industry players to provide not just the most advanced SWAT training, but also the best SWAT Unit gear, equipment and technology to operate at the highest level.


The Israeli Tactical School provides world-class training with operations all around the globe. Our focus is on Counter Terror and Executive Protection Training, with training options available for Special Forces Units, Police, SWAT Hostage Rescue Teams (HRT) and Special Reactions Teams (SRT), Head of State Protection Units, and Field Intelligence Units.