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*** Israeli Tactical School *** Executive Protection Training 


We are proud to present extraordinary security seminars for the managers involved in physical security, aviation management, aviation security and national security. The seminars have been designed to expose the Israeli Know-how developed over six decades of battling terrorism.

For 75 years Israel has had to deal with terror attacks and continued high terror threat levels both domestically and against its national interests overseas. The USA experienced in September 2001 the most horrific terror attack against a country using the node of civil aviation transportation. As a consequence of this experiences, Israel as well as the USA have become a world pioneer in the development of integrated security solutions and methods to combat these threats.

The advance security deployment is based on the insight that the adversary views us as a holistic environment looking for the weak chain. In order to be able to defend ourselves from this adversary the security deployment is based on a synergetic system composed of many components such as: optimal Certification & Re- Certification, effective training and mainly on a security concept which is based on proactive deployment


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From basic corporate security to protection of physical infrastructure, asset protection, dignitaries' protection, aviation security, air marshaling and information security. This course will give you the most complete understanding of the Israeli Security approach and mind set.

Our team of former chief security officers from the Israeli Shin-bet will lead hand-to-hand through some of the most efficient security best practice in the world. In the course, we describe the challenges the Israeli Security agency (Shin Bet) faced in the fight against terror, counter espionage in the time of the cold war, fight against terror and the potential nuclear threat from Iraq, Syria and Iran.

International certification & Licenses

Course graduates will qualify as chief security officers after the course and will give current security leaders in organizations the knowledge how to advance their organizations.

Our school graduated students are more likely to find a job in the industry then any other school in the world, simply due to the school elite reputation in the global market.


The course designed for security professionals from all levels wish to advanced their knowledge or / and open a carrier as security leaders in their organizations.


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Israeli tactical school
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Duration: 20 days

$ 24,500

Course includes deep dive to the world of asset security, such as infrastructure protection,  air marshal, events security, explosives, surveillance and counter surveillance, screen crowed and cargo, security layers concept, profiling and behavioral analysis, crisis management, leadership during emergency,  strategic planning and counter terror. The student will go throw an air marshal live fire course and learn in depth the Israeli Security Aviation system. The course provided by former Israeli Aviation security chief security experts with decades of experience protecting Israel major airlines companies like El AL, Arkia and Isra Air. The course include full board and accommodation together with all training needs such as gear, ammo, firearms, etc.




Duration: 14 days

$ 17,500

How to prevent attack by  apply counter surveillance tactics and engage aggressor on board the aircraft at the terminal with special focus on covert operation work and the full combat aspect of the mission. In this course we simulate attacks at the terminal for first responders at the peripherals of the airport, at the terminal, taxi runways, and on-board the aircraft. 

The students learn to shoot and conduct hand to hand combat in crowded close and dense environment like airplane commercial airlines, charter jet airplane, terminal check in and more. The course is with focus on live fire and also force on force with sim / utm scenarios that combine hand to hand combat and shooting as one idea 


The courses program designed for current, future managers or students planning to advance themselves in the field of physical aviation security. In-order to attend the course you require to present at least 1 year of professional experience in the field of security, law Enforcment, armed forces or any other equivalent experience. All the students require to go through our school background check and identity validation by our school.




We want you to focus on training and nothing but training. Our all-inclusive package deal includes accommodation. transportation, meals, and of course all the training gear and equipment you need, including firearms and ammunition. Regular accommodation includes two people per room. It's possible to have separate rooms for additional fee per night.

The courses contain 80% hands-on exercises together with 10% classroom frontal lectures. The majority of the course are students' assignments include leadership exercises led by the students in each topic in-order to practice the students with hands-on emergency crisis management and self-example as an important key for leadership success.



Each of our courses are designed for both beginners and advanced students. Whether you have no experience or have been in the security industry for years, these courses are for you.

The main concept of the program 

It is our understanding that when a terror attack is launched physical security and technological measures play a key role in both preventing and detecting the attack. However, the final outcome of the attack may ultimately depend on the response to the attack of the managers and agents on the ground.

We are therefore pleased to present a unique visit to the USA, which will allow participants an opportunity to observe the way all the above factors interface to create a robust, flexible and integrated security environment in accordance to ICAO standards and requirements.

The visit will allow participants to experience, firsthand, some of the security challenges the security deployments faces daily and how security personnel deploys and tackle terror threats, training, certification.​

Aviation Security Course topics (Days 1-20)

  • Security Management System - Airport Security Operation Optimization

  • Security Audit & Quality Control

  • Risk-based Passenger Screening

  • Risk-based Cargo Screening

  • Catering Security

  • Airport Security Screening and Information Technology

  • Training for Security

  • Hold Baggage Screening System

  • Perimeter Security

  • Access Control

  • Armed security deployment

  • Cargo Warehouse Security

  • Suicide Bomber Combating Techniques

  • Hostage Situation, Negotiation, and Armed Intervention

Air-Marshal Course topics (Days 1-14)

  • Hand-to-hand combat with focus on firearms/knife retention and arrest and control

  • Pistol concealed carry live fire with focus on shooting in a crowded situations in small condensed spaces

  • Covert operation and attacker "point of view" surveillance / counter surveillance exercises 

  • Two agents work: shooting moving communicate exercises with live fire.

  • Flighting onboard the aircraft with live fire scenarios and sim/utm force on force scenarios 




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Students interested with payment plan, scholarships and financial aid please contact our admission office for more details here or our bodyguard school videos hereSince other schools focus mostly on class room time theory instead of practical training our school programs can provide a real value that eventually can get you the the job you are seeking - the logic is clear the more advanced training you do the more capable you are to get your dream job and I'm refereeing here to the California Guard card. Basically but the tecc, evoc training the that it fun the rest of the courses out there are too basic. Eventually the executive protection jobs are offered to fit capable people. 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In order to provide personal security or personal protection required to build up security detail to work together as a team and coordinate especially during emergencies live fire situations in contracting over seas in companies like Blackwater. These companies looking usually for similar combat skill set like in commando or special forces units. Our courses specialize with development of non permissive environment specialist personal security detail that will help you be fit to compete on the same positions, near me. The type of executive protection Training we provide can not provide on-line or in the class room and similar to executive protection agent training in Tier one Federal Agency. If you are looking for celebrity bodyguard training and not PSD or advanced tactics then we recommend to you to check our 4 days covert protection course., its tac, close quarter tactical, firearms training for beginners,

Most of our training take place in Florida firearms academy near Palm Beach / Miami and North Carolina about an hour from Raleigh airport. Our courses similar to private military training courses for companies operation overseas like Triple Canopy and the Federal Security agencies for example our pss/psd training or if you are looking for personal protection training near me or simply dignitary protection training. We used to provide our combat training to pacific west academy pwa before they decided to downgrade the program combat level to have mostly class room time and basically guard card level of training and maybe bsis guard card, in our school we provide bodyguard certification and security school near me. executive protection near me, the best executive protection training school, security tactics academy, executive protection washington,executive protection school, executive protection institute,security training schools, bsis, body guard, bsis guard card, california guard card, evoc training,, mexico cartels, secured transportation services, security design consultants, executive protection services, executive protection company,, firearms training in Israel, close quarter combat, counter terror school, israeli counter terror school, antiterror school, hostage rescue school, swat school, hrt school, crt school. law enforcement school, fbi counter terror program, active shooter school, the best counter terror schoo, eitan cohen, caliber 3 israel, eitan cohen caliber 3, eitan cohen caliber 3, , caliber 3, calibre 3, firearms training in israel,,israel glock, glock 19x academy, first calibur security training, academy tactical bag, principles of vip protection, Krav maga, ikmf, personal private security, bsis guard card search, pinkerton executive protection training, executive security international reviews, security schools near me,The fitter you are, the easier it will be for you to follow the course materials.  Ep advanced executive training require discipline to do the right when nobody is watching, if you have it the training is for you.To get accepted and get a job in high threat protection teams require all of that and much much more. We will help you to realize if you have the right stuff for these level of job positions. executive security details of corporate bodyguard details, Hollywood actors, singers on a world tour require VIP security as well with more emphasis on prevention but thing may get ugly as well - therefore advance training with emphasis on emergency and problem solving will increase your chances to handle situations and demonstrate real security and combat abilities for future employers. bodyguard training international certificate provided by to allow you get a job in the USA but also around the world.If you looking for a security school near me we can provide you with what you need, coming from our security course in our bodyguard school Texas you will able to apply for level 3&4 coming right out from our 9 days course. This course focus on emergencies like a typical private military training so you can apply for a job as celebrity protection in los angels as well as getting a job in triple canopy or similar companies or apply for executive protection jobs Florida, security school near me

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The structure and curriculum of this course is inspired by the equivalent Israeli Secret Service (Shin Bet) course:


A Day before the course - Pick up from Airport to training center barracks.

DAY 1 - Fundamentals Security & Handgun
07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - Course overview & instructors introduction & Executive protection mission overview - class room (101).
09:00 am - Risk assessment & mission planning
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - Fundamentals pistol - concealed carry draw, fine trigger work, rapid fire, precision shoot, multiple attackers, mags change & gun malfunction.
07:00 pm Dinner & free time.

DAY 2 Fundamentals Security & Handgun

05:30 am - PT & hand to hand

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - Pistol fundamentals - range time - wet
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - Intro room clearing - village - dry 
07:00 pm - Dinner & free time

DAY 3 Fundamentals Security & Rifle
05:30 am - PT & hand to hand

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - Rifle - Fundamentals - multiple attackers, mags change & gun malfunction.
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - One-man room clearing CQB - 360 Shoot house live fire - dry / wet (run rabbit) and 2 agents working together - dry / wet 
07:00 pm - Dinner & free time

DAY 4 - Intro room clearing CQB & Vehicle
05:30 am - PT & hand to hand

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - One-man room clearing CQB - crowded situation with non-combative - 360 Shoot house live fire - wet.
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - One-man room clearing CQB - crowded situation with non-combative - 360 Shoot house live fire - wet.
07:00 pm - Dinner 
09:00 pm - Room clearing - night shooting 
12:00 am - Free time 

DAY 5Intro room clearing CQB w non combative & Vehicle
05:30 am - PT & hand to hand

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - Shooting from vehicle - static & on the move & range - dry.
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - Shooting from vehicle - static & on the move & range - wet.
07:00 pm - Dinner & free time

DAY 6 - Room clearing CQB Two Agents work & Vehicle
05:30 am - PT & hand to hand

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - Two agents Active shooter scenarios with multiple attackers & response from security first 
responders' vehicles to urban scenarios - wet - dry 
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - Two agents Active shooter scenarios with multiple attackers & response from security first responders' vehicles to urban scenarios - wet.
07:00 pm - Dinner 

DAY 7 - Airplane security simulations w live fire & 

05:30 am - PT & hand to hand 
06:30 am - Breakfast at the hotel
07:30 am - Pistol - perfecting marksmanship to the level required in the airplane

12:00 pm - lunch

03:00 pm - Simulation with live fire in the airplane with krav maga & shooting 

07:00 pm - Dinner & free time


DAY 9 - Airplane security attack response - wet 

05:30 am - PT & hand to hand - Arrest & Control Exercise 
06:30 am - Breakfast at the hotel

07:30 am - Airplane security - force on force scenarios 

12:00 pm - lunch

01:00 pm - Airplane security scenarios - Wet 
07:00 pm - Dinner & free time

DAY 10 - Explosives used in aviation security & ways to detect

05:30 am - PT & hand to hand
06:30 am - Breakfast at the hotel

07:30 am - Explosives used in aviation & detection 

12:00 pm - lunch

01:00 pm - Profiling, questioning and interrogation 
07:00 pm - Dinner & free time

DAY 11 - Terror Attacks event on Aviation & security process workflow 

05:30 am - PT & hand to hand - Arrest & Control Exercise area
06:30 am - Breakfast at the hotel

07:30 am - Attacks on aviation 

12:00 pm - lunch

01:00 pm - Security workflow 
07:00 pm - Dinner & free time

DAY 12 - Airplane security process & simulation of attacks & defense 

05:30 am - PT & hand to hand 
06:30 am - Breakfast at the hotel

07:30 am - Airplane security process 

12:00 pm - lunch

01:00 pm - Airplane security simulations defense & attacks - dry 
07:00 pm - Dinner 

DAY 13 - FTX - Air-Marshal - Managment of security during attack in an airplane 

05:30 am - PT & hand to hand
06:30 am - Breakfast at the hotel
07:30 am - Security test - airplane kidnaped scenario

12:00 pm - lunch

01:00 pm - Hostages from a kidnaped airplane 

07:00 pm - Dinner 

DAY 14 - Air-Marshal course summary and Air-Marshal course 

06:30 am - Breakfast at the hotel
07:00 am - De-briefing of the FTX and course 

12:00 pm - lunch

1:00 pm - Diplomas & farewell for the Air-Marshal Graduated students 


DAY 16 - Terminal security response to active shooter / hostage rescue scenarios

05:30 am - PT & hand to hand

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - Hostage rescue & active shooter in an airport terminal / check in - dry
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - Hostage rescue
& active shooter in an airport terminal / check in - wet. 
07:00 pm - Dinner & free time 

DAY 17 - Terminal security mission planning
05:30 am - PT & hand to hand

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - Airport Security mission planning mission planning mission / countersurveillance
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - Airplane security mission planning 

07:00 pm - Dinner & free time 

DAY 18 - Tactical Team CQB live fire - squad

05:30 am - PT & hand to hand -
06:30 am - Breakfast at the hotel

07:30 am - Aviation security - screening crowed cargo process
12:00 pm - lunch

01:00 pm - Screening crowed & cargo simulation 
07:00 pm - Dinner & free time


DAY 19 - FTX - Terminal Security test for Chief Security Officer

05:30 am - Switch Roles - Set up special team
06:30 am - Breakfast at the hotel

07:00 am - Managment of security during suicide bombers & active shooter & hostage situation 

12:00 pm - lunch

01:00 pm - Managment of security during Attack on airplane on the runway 

07:00 pm - Finish dinner

DAY 20 - Chief Security Officer course summary & farewell

06:30 am - Breakfast at the hotel
07:00 am - De-briefing of the FTX and course 

12:00 pm - lunch

1:00 pm - Diplomas & farewell for the Air-Marshal Graduated students 


Students come to the course to the Orlando International Airport. From the Airport we provide transportation to the lodging location and everyday to / from the training center 

We provide lodging in a two bed hotel room. Meaning you share a room with another student like you. If you wish to have your own private room you will need to add 70 USD a day to the course all inclusive price

We provide all of your course needs, yet we highly recommend to use your own firearms and gear if you got them. 

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