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Our executive protection course is designed for both beginners and students with experience in the security industry. Whether you've worked in law enforcement or have a passion for protection, you'll be able to level up your tactical training with this immersive training course


Israeli Tactical School now provide a unique tactical training experience for students proficient with firearms that would like to experience the next level of tactical training as close as possible to the real deal.

In our SWAT training you will experience immersive skills build up. The topics in the course are Individual, two men, squad and team Live-fire CQB room clearing in a live fire shoot house, utilize 3G night vision goggles, flash bangs and airborne army helicopter exercises with a little bird MD360.

The course design for students from all levels from intermediate and all the way to the professional levels 

SWAT Training
CQB training | ITS

The emphasis of the course is on hands on live fire room clearing CQB  as one shooter. The course follows the Israeli secret service individual warrior doctrine. This is a beginner course utilize live fire shoot house designed especially for home defense, active shooter interception,  concealed carry applications

How to use a pistol effectively in case of emergency require to implement muscle memory with many repetition. Only when the student feels confident and comfortable to operate the pistol during "dry" (no  bullets) we move to the live fire part to shot. 

Approaching weapons manipulation fundamentals from the stand point of human bio mechanics, ergonomics, and mental processing, the TAC™ program is as much about understanding the weapon system as it is about understanding yourself and the principles that make you who you are

Pistol Training | ITS
Tactical instructor course | ITS


The emphasis of the course is on hands on live fire room clearing as one shooter. The course follows the Israeli secret service individual warrior doctrine - Our beginner program was modified especially for beginners and you don't need previous experience to attend the program.



Ian Nelson | Review | ITS


A former veteran of the
U.S Special Forces " Green Beret"

"This is the best firearms training by far anywhere ever! I've been shooting for over 30 years and was a Green Beret in the Army for 6 years and worked in executive protection for 5 years and I am completely blown away by the effectiveness and methodology of this schools philosophy and tactics. Tomer and his instructors set the standard for professionalism and safety especially with the complex level of moving pieces that are involved at their higher levels of executive protection training.

The training emphasizes muscle memory and doing the little things perfectly. There is no deviation from perfect performance and you WILL walk out phenomenally better and safer even if you've been shooting forever and whatever your background, I can vouch for that. My shooting and confidence in tactics went through the roof after one of their two week training programs.

I absolutely love this school and I highly recommend it!

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