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**Israeli Tactical School** NEW YORK Executive Protection Bodyguard Training 

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*** Israeli Tactical School *** Executive Protection Training 


Train by Ex - Secret Service Special Agents & Special Forces Instructors - The focus of the courses is on Live Fire CQB room clearing, shooting of vehicles / motorcade ambush exercise, urban warfare team tactics, prevention tactics, counter surveillance executive protection in high-risk areas, protecting VIP overseas and domestic environments.

​The course focuses on emergency situations and live fire combat, hand to hand combat as individuals, in pairs/squads, and in teams of up to seven. Our techniques are derived straight from Israeli Secret Service doctrine and are adapted to meet the needs of high-risk PSD overseas missions, executive protection professionals, corporate security work, and celebrity protection.

​Our executive protection program is one of the most advanced education programs in the world and will increase your value as a trusted protector in the bodyguard industry.

Many of our graduated students find high wage high value positions among Fortune 500 firms, contracting overseas for international companies and the US Government elite tier one agencies such as the FBI special agents program, DSS, DEA and US Secret Service etc. If you are looking to protect executives traveling to Mexico or domestic protecting celebrities from Hollywood or musicians on their global tours around the world these courses are for you.

​Our nine-day Novice to Advanced EP/PSD Course is designed to accommodate all students, from beginner to professional levels; the Course take an extensive dive into Live Fire CQB room clearing, Live fire teamwork CQB, Live Fire vehicles motorcade ambush exercises, undercover work and counter surveillance tactics & techniques.

The fifteen-day Elite course focuses on the overseas contractor mission profile and is designed especially as more advanced training for students wishing to bring their combat skill level all the way up to the professional levels. 

The course emphasis on the team level tactics such as: Live Fire CQB room clearing, Live Fire VCQB (Vehicles CQB) motorcade that include day / night exercises include low light Live Fire exercises, Night Vision goggles Live Fire room clearing in the team level, Helicopter Little bird extraction evac exercises. 

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From Corporate & Celebrities to High-risk PSD overseas missions 

Our team Live Fire exercises are designed to prepare students for high-risk overseas missions. These include vehicular work  (motorcade/convoy), springing and escaping ambushes, PSD (Personal Security Detail) contractor intelligence school, room-clearing, and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) exercises. Our courses also combine Live Fire exercises with extensive hand-to-hand combat and Krav Maga training to complete your self-defense and action toolbox. Courses available in New York, FloridaPittsburgh, Texas and Los Angeles, Atlanta, Ohio, New York, North Carolina, etc.,evasive driving course,taser recertification course,pss/psd training, pss training, psd courses, psd course, pss/psd training, psd training courses, personal security detail training,personal security detail training, personal security detail training, psd operator training, psd operator course, psd security training, psd operations

International certification & Licenses

Course graduates will qualify for: a D & G license in Florida, Level 1-4 in Texas, California Guard Card bsis, Washington State Unarmed/armed Private security Guard. Nevada Security Guard, body guard Las Vegas,  and North Carolina Guard Card.,taser training, Our school protection is recognized all over the world as one of the most high quality training destinations.


Our school graduated students are more likely to find a job in the industry then any other school in the world, simply due to the school elite reputation in the global market.


Bodyguard work could be very dynamic with moving around different states our diploma can simplify the move for you since you are capble to obtain a bodyguard or armed / non armed state certificate right after the course in 8 different states

Israeli tactical school

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Tomer Israeli




Israeli tactical school




Israeli tactical school







Duration: 9 days

$ 4,500

Course includes individual and team work exercises with live fire (pistols and rifles), CQB, room-clearing, hand-to-hand combat, bodyguard procedures, counter surveillance techniques routine break plan, avoid being tracked, and vehicle and motorcade exercises. In the course we master the use of hand gun, rifle and team work live fire CQB to prepare you for Bodyguard, Executive Protection and overseas contracting role in the introduction levels - in order to go deep for this mission you should consider our 15 days and 21 days course especially for students looking to do a career as executive protection and leadership roles

All inclusive: Lodging, meals, transportation from / to airport, pistol, rifle, unlimited ammo, gear, flash bangs - $4,500 no hotel  /meals option, $6,000 single room option, two student single room  option $5,500 )





Duration: 15 days

$ 10,500

The most complete Executive Protection / PSD / PMC bodyguard, celebrity protection course on the planet. The course designed especially for students wish to develop a professional career as Bodyguard, Executive Protection with focus on high risk missions, PSD / PSS contracting overseas, private military contracting, federal agencies special agents programs

All inclusive: Lodging, meals, transportation to / from the airport, pistol, rifle, unlimited ammo, gear, Army little bird helicopter, flash bangs, and 3rd generation night vision goggles, evasive driving & medical (The course in our Florida location cost $10,500 and include little bird helicopter evac exercises)





Duration: 21 days

$ 17,000

Premium leadership Executive Protection / PSD, Head of State Special Agent Leadership course. The course focuses on the highest-level security missions. From Head of State Protection details perspective to State Department Diplomatic Security, undercover security. You will learn both the chief security and team member roles. The course focuses on combat / attack prevention / covert operation. This includes physical event security, differing security layers, and leadership. The students will be tested by former Israeli Secret Service "Shin Bet" and US Secret Service special agent team leaders and chief security officers during field exercises in real world environments. In order to provide the students superior confidence and understanding in the craft, the course includes extensive medical training, driving skills, and army helicopter evac/extraction exercises

tomer israeli | executive protection training
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Israeli tactical school psd training
israeli tactical school bodyguard training
israeli tactical school bodyguard training
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“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”
(Mark Twain)



What ?

A US GREEN BERET thinks about our Executive Protection course


A Day before the course - Pick up from Airport to training center barracks.

DAY 1 - Fundamentals Security & Handgun
07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - Course overview & instructors introduction & Executive protection mission overview - class room (101).
09:00 am - Risk assessment & mission planning
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - Fundamentals pistol - concealed carry draw, fine trigger work, rapid fire, precision shoot, multiple attackers, mags change & gun malfunction.
07:00 pm Dinner & free time.

DAY 2 Fundamentals Security & Handgun

05:30 am - Hand to hand combat - Krav Maga

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - Pistol fundamentals - range time - wet
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - Intro room clearing - village - dry 
07:00 pm - Dinner & free time

DAY 3 Fundamentals Security & Rifle
05:30 am - Hand to hand combat - Krav Maga

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - Rifle - Fundamentals - multiple attackers, mags change & gun malfunction.
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - One-man room clearing CQB - 360 Shoot house live fire - dry / wet (run rabbit) and 2 agents working together - dry / wet 
07:00 pm - Dinner & free time

DAY 4 - Intro room clearing CQB & Vehicle
05:30 am - Hand to hand combat - Krav Maga

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - One-man room clearing CQB - crowded situation with non-combative - 360 Shoot house live fire - wet.
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - One-man room clearing CQB - crowded situation with non-combative - 360 Shoot house live fire - wet.
07:00 pm - Dinner 
09:00 pm - Room clearing - night shooting 
12:00 am - Free time 

DAY 5Intro room clearing CQB w non combative & Vehicle
05:30 am - Hand to hand combat - Krav Maga

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - Shooting from vehicle - static & on the move & range - dry.
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - Shooting from vehicle - static & on the move & range - wet.
07:00 pm - Dinner & free time

DAY 6 - Room clearing CQB Two Agents work & Vehicle
05:30 am - Hand to hand combat - Krav Maga

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - One / two agents & VIP emergency exercises with vehicles & urban scenarios - dry 
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - Two agents & VIP emergency exercises with vehicles & urban scenarios - wet.
07:00 pm - Dinner 
11:00 pm - Executive protection prepare miss
ion 1 

DAY 7 - Room clearing CQB Two Agents work & Vehicle
05:30 am - Hand to hand combat - Krav Maga

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - Squad & VIP emergency exercises with vehicle & urban scenarios - wet
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - Squad agents & VIP emergency exercises with vehicle & urban scenarios - wet. 
07:00 pm - Dinner & free time 

05:30 am - Hand to hand combat - Krav Maga

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - Mission w the VIP (Include mission planning / advance / countersurveillance - dry.
12:00 pm - lunch 
01:00 pm - Continue scenarios in the team level.

07:00 pm - Dinner & free time 

07:00 am - Breakfast at the barracks & suites.
08:00 am - FTX - final exercise - full event in the village
12:00 pm - lunch 
03:00 pm - Diplomas & farewell 
05:00 pm - Transportation to airport

Guns rentals & ammo



Students come to the course to the Orlando International Airport. From the Airport we provide transportation to the lodging location and everyday to / from the training center 


We provide lodging in a two bed hotel room. Meaning you share a room with another student like you. If you wish to have your own private room you will need to add 70 USD a day to the course all inclusive price


We provide all of your course needs, yet we highly recommend to use your own firearms and gear if you got them. 

The course requires pay of deposit no later than 30 days before the course. The deposit is non-refundable!

The rest of the payment need to be paid on.


  • 0% intro rate for the first 12 months via a credit card with No Annual fee up to $20K credit limit.  Approval takes 24-48 hrs. Card will be received in the mail between 5-10 business days

  • Personal Term Loans with Loan Amounts up to $25K.  Rate is based on credit and a full review of the application.  Processing time is 2-3 business days. 

  • Home Equity Loans for homeowners.  Processing time is 4-6 weeks.  No Closing Costs.


We can service customers within our in PA, OH & VA. 


For details contact us here 

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Government Courses

Air Marshal Training          SWAT Training         Aviation Chief Security          Head Of State Protection          



Duration: 9 days - $4,500 Not Included meals & Lodging 
Duration: 15 days - $10,500 All-inclusive 
Duration: 21 days
- $17,500 All-inclusive 

lodging, transportation, ammo & meals
50% Deposit required 30 days before

*Payment plan & scholarships available


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