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Our Bodyguard training course is designed for both beginners and students with experience in the security industry. Whether you've worked in law enforcement or have a passion for protection, you'll be able to level up your tactical training with this immersive training course


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New York City

In NYC we run our beginners courses include private lessons with special emphasis on CQB tactics using firearms combined with hand to hand combat - The courses taken place in-doors throughout the year

For details contact us here




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Executive Protection Training

Our team Live Fire exercises are designed to prepare students for high-risk overseas missions. These include live fire vehicle work  (motorcade/convoy), springing and escaping ambushes, PSD (Personal Security Detail), room-clearing live fire as individual and as a team, and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) exercises. Our courses also combine Live Fire exercises with extensive hand-to-hand combat and Krav Maga training to complete your self-defense and action toolbox. Executive protection training in Florida & North Carolina - all course designed for students from all levels

Program contains 3 courses of: 4 days, 9 days & 21 days

More details here                           


SWAT Team Training Live Fire

In our SWAT training you will experience immersive skills build up. The topics in the course are Individual, two men, squad and team Live-fire CQB room clearing in a live fire shoot house, utilize 3G night vision goggles, flash bangs and airborne army helicopter exercises with a little bird MD360.

The course design for students from all levels from intermediate and all the way to the professional levels.

The course designed especially for students from all levels include beginners.

SWAT and special forces units are welcome to contact us for more info about our professional and unit / team courses

Program for students from all level contains 1 course of        : 6 days


More details here                         


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