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Duration            Pricing

2 DAYS                1500 USD



Course includes basic evasive driving of vehicles for  the bodyguard mission include extraction and evacuation exercises



The course contains 30% class room time & 70% of the time emergency exercises. The exercises are taking place on a runway in our training center in Florida near Naples.
The course designed especially for beginners and all the way up to the professional levels.


 All inclusive prices

  • 3 meals per day, lodging (barracks or private room for extra fee), transportation, ammo and firearms

  • Sign up time 60 days before the course with 1500 USD course fee + PayPal fee 


1500 USD

USA prices

Course info 

Defensive & Evasive Driving Course

This driving course will be tailored to meet your training needs – whether you are a executive protection agent, corporates VIP chauffeur and security contractor– our course will increase your survival.

Each student in our defensive driving class will be required to demonstrate a skill on each exercise which exceeds the minimum requirements established for protection driving techniques.

The Israeli  Secret Service and U.S Secret Service, U.S Department driving standards were utilized as benchmarks in the development of our standards.

The certificate we provide when you complete the training will indicate that you have met and exceeded these standards and will serve as a statement to your capabilities as a protection driving professional.

Our school evasive driving course is designed for executive protection agents and is great chauffeur training, security driver training and protective driving training for protection professional as well as anyone wanting to gain knowledge and experience in evasive driving concepts, accident avoidance and skid control. 

Defensive/Evasive Driving Course $1,500

-Car Mechanics & the Science of Driving
-Cars Types & Considerations
-Car Checks, Equipment & Emergency Preparedness
-Attack Recognition & Ambush Avoidance
-SUV Evasive Maneuvers & Concepts
-Accident Avoidance, Emergency braking & Swerving-to-avoid Obstacles
-High-Speed Vehicle Maneuvers, Braking Techniques & Skid Control
-2 Point Escape Turn and Reversing Techniques
-Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing



In the course, you will improve your soft skills, as well as your protective roles such as covert advance work, behavioral analysis, pre-attack indicators, counter surveillance, mission planning 


Cost of class is all inclusive for 5 Training Days, 3 meals per day, airport pick up/drop and lodging costs  ( 2 students per room ) Holydays Inn express in Winchester, Virginia or Naples, Florida training center in barracks (include in the price) or suite 1 person per room for extra fee.

– Military or law enforcement veterans with or without experience in civilian/corporate executive protection work
– Anyone seeking employment in the executive protection field

– Must be physically fit and capable of enduring all of the demanding physical requirements of the course

Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school
Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school
Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school
Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school

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