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Executive Protection Training | Israeli Tactical School

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Tomer Israeli

A former veteran of the Israeli secret service "Shin bet" an executive protection training expert instructor. Tomer served in the "Shin-bet" as special agents team leader for Executive of protection in the Israeli embassy in Washington DC

A veteran captain of the Israeli Defense Forces with over 20 years of both combat and instructional experience. He began his army career in the Israeli delta force (Sayeret Matkal - '92 Yuval). Later as team member in a recon team (Orev '92 Dotan). As a reserve officer (Captain), Tomer led his recon team deep behind enemy lines during the Second Lebanon War (2006). 

Mr. Israeli was later selected for training by the Shin Bet (Israeli Secret Service) and became a certified Chief Security Officer upon completion. He was posted to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., where he operated as team leader in a special agent close protection unit ... read more



Our school main focus is on Executive protection training & counter terror courses for total beginners students and all the way up to the professional levels. We provide several training options such as: basic pistol & rifle, tactical training, live fire room clearing, close quarters battle (CQB, CQC), shooting live fire from vehicles CQB. SWAT hostage rescue & direct action, Airmarshal & aviation security program and executive protection related training classes such as counter surveillance, avoid tracking and tracking. Courses available in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Florida, Poland, Thailand, Ecuador and Italy

Beginners classes

"Tomer helped me to transition from police officer in DC police to executive protection special agent in one of the federal agencies." (Executive protection course)


May 11, 2018

"I feel much more confident with the gun now after TAC 1 Pistol."


Decemebr 10, 2019

"I feel, I can defend my family if I need to "


January 10, 2020



Our executive protection training courses is the ideal starting point for those of you wishing to break into the bodyguard industry. The program designed for those of you transitioning from Military or Law Enforcement as well as regular civilians wish to develop their combat self defense skills in a realistic professional set up. Our courses were developed by former Israeli Secret Service agency (Shin Bet/Mossad) special agents field officers with extensive experience in all facets of corporate, celebrity, dignitary and VIP executive protection. In the program we teach skills and tools in the world of hand-to-hand combat, live-fire urban room clearing/CQB exercises incorporating vehicles ambush, evacuation & extraction. We also cover legal aspects, security procedures and emergency response skills commonly required from security personnel. In the high risk 9 days EP/PSD course, live fire convoy. ambush exercises with 6 man team. Also in high risk 9 day course, we provide a unique under cover & counter surveillance street workshop. Our close protection program focus on minimal classroom time and maximum time to practice again and again in-order to give the future bodyguard the confidence he need in case of emergency. 

Our 9 days high risk EP/PSD course is focus on beginners to advance level individual seeking to start up as corporate. / celliberty or as private military contractor in over seas job positions 



Israeli Tactical School is a world class training provider with operation all over the globe and with focus on Counter terror, army and police special units training. in our advanced training programs, we also have room for private individuals graduated from our Tactical training program wish to obtain further education in the world of the advanced programs.

Private individuals and non-professionals (also available for professionals) for unit training quote will contact us here


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​"This is the executive protection training and firearms training by far anywhere ever! I've been shooting for over 30 years and was a Green Beret in the Army for 6 years and worked in executive protection for 5 years. I am completely blown away by the effectiveness and methodology of this schools philosophy and tactics. Tomer and his instructors set the standard for professionalism and safety especially with the complex level of moving pieces that are involved at their higher levels of executive protection training.

The training emphasizes muscle memory and doing the little things perfectly. There is no deviation from perfect performance and you WILL walk out phenomenally better and safer. even if you've been shooting forever and whatever your background, I can vouch for that. My shooting and confidence in tactics went through the roof after one of their two week training programs.

I absolutely love this school and I highly recommend it!"

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May 11, 2018

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Tomer Israeli is widely regarded as leading expert in the world of protection of public figures and asset security. Our bodyguard service is unique due to the high standard of our protection approach. Our protection methodology follows the Israeli Secret Service (Shin-Bet) best practice ... Read more


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