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Live Fire Shoot House Instructor Course

Course highlights 

Designed for experienced shooters with tactical background

The only counter-terror program in the world that offers live-fire tactical shooting room clearing/active shooter instructor certificate. It is also a free ticket to all our TAC1 through TAC6 training worldwide. You will get practical field experience teaching students live-fire room clearing. As assistant instructor for free until you are ready to lead a group yourself. This special arrangement is relevant to instructors wishing to open ITS branches in the future and join our global family.

The program is designed for students interested in becoming part of or affiliates/business partners of ITS. During the course, we introduce  students to the art of teaching individual warrior urban doctrine, including:

- Room clearing live-fire up to two man team
- Vehicle CQB - in/out/on the move live-fire exercises


These niche tactics are unique and provided by ITS in the global market. As our instructor, you master a unique product and receive our marketing support. You will stand out from the competition and, most importantly, give your students realistic tactics to use in a self-defense emergency.

ITS is looking for former members of special forces units or similarly experienced future instructors interested in opening branches. ITS and becoming state, regional or country directors or affiliates.

Program Certificates: 
- Live Fire Shoot house – certified to teach defense tactics/urban tactics 

- Active Shooter interception - certified to teach TAC 1-4
- Vehicle CQB - certified to teach TAC 5

- Executive Protection - certified to teach EP1

Course out-line

  • Day 1 - TAC 1- pistol fundamentals 

  • Day 2 - TAC 2 - Intro to room clearing / active shooter - rifle / pistol 

  • Day 3 - TAC 2 - Room clearing with non combatives

  • Day 4 - TAC 3 - two men working together - room clearing 

  • Day 5 - SWAT deliberate tactics squad day/low light/NVG - live fire

  • Day 6 - Airborne exercises together with team live fire room clearing

  • Day 7 - How to teach TAC 1

  • Day 8 - How to teach TAC 2 

  • day 9 - Instructor test 

Logistics & payments (*All inclusive)

Next course: October 22-30, 2021

Cost: 7000 USD include lodging (barracks and meals)

Gun rentals & ammo

Although, we provide the firearms for the course this is highly recommended to use your own firearms. We provide the 9mm & 5.56 ammo only.


The course require pay of deposit no later then 21 days before the course. The deposit is non-refundable!

The rest of the payment need to be paid on DAY0 arrival day

What to bring to the class

  • Course fee does not includes firearms. We supply the ammo and the training gear.​

  • The course fee does not include meals.​

  • We highly recommend bringing your own weapons and gear​

  • Lodging is available onsite and in the vicinity of the training facility other lodging for rent available about an hour from the training center 

  • Night vision gen 2.5 and helmets will be provided.​

  • Flashlights and infrared flashlights will be provided.​

  • Illuminators - infrared & visible - will be provided.

  • Belt mounted, dominant side holster

  • Sturdy belt at least 1.5” wide

  • Armored vest for AR 15 mags 

  • Footwear suitable for rapid movement

  • Green olive uniform (pants and BDU)

  • Hydration system

  • Sunscreen and bug spray

  • Hat

  • Wraparound eye wear

  • Earmuffs and earplugs



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Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school
Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school
Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school
Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school

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