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The emphasis of the course is on hands on live fire room clearing as one shooter. The course follows the Israeli secret service individual warrior doctrine - Our beginner program was modified especially for beginners and you don't need previous experience to attend the program.

Duration: 15 days

$ 19,000


The aim of this course is to produce Tactical Firearms instructors who can return to their organizations as true subject matter experts and lead live-fire and force-on-force shoot house exercises. Students will improve their carbine and pistol skills, as well as their ability to instruct others on the safe and proper use of these weapons. Topics covered include safety inspections, personnel positioning, target placement, entry methods (including silent, hot, and cold breach), helicopter airborne exercises, and low light and night vision.

As well as the 15-day course, new instructors will also receive on- the-job training until they are able to lead a course independently.


The following topics will be taught:

  • Safety

  • Carbine and pistol shooting fundamentals

  • Tactical marksmanship techniques and training drills

  • Identifying and correcting shooter errors

  • Teaching/coaching/mentoring techniques

  • Presentation styles and techniques

  • The responsibilities of a shoot house instructor

  • Shoot house construction types, safety inspections and maintenance

  • Overview of Close Quarters Battle (CQB) basic principles and techniques

  • Role play safety and control when conducting force-on-force training

  • Safety and considerations when using multiple breach points and conducting explosive/mechanical/ballistic breaching

  • Distraction devices

  • Back-siding targets (training support)

  • How to integrate flat range shooting into shoot house training

  • SIMS or UTM Scenarios / Force on Force


Prerequisite: Students must be approved (case by case) according to their qualifications.


As an Israeli Tactical instructor, you will master a unique product, gain important skills and tactics, and receive our marketing support to conquer the global market. You will stand out from the competition and, most importantly, impart real life skills to your students to use in self-defense emergency situations.

ITS is on the lookout for former special force unit members or similarly experienced individuals who are interested in opening branches, becoming future instructors, and becoming state, regional or country directors/affiliates.


Live-Fire Shoot House Instructor: certified to teach defense and urban techniques

Active Shooter Interception Instructor: certified to teach TAC 1 & 2

Advance SWAT Instructor: certified to teach airborne exercises & CQB techniques

Executive Protection / PSD Instructor: certified to teach EP Curriculum


Live Fire Room Clearing CQB Instructor Course


Although we can provide firearms for this Course, it is highly recommended to use your own. We provide 9mm & 5.56 ammunition only.


A non-refundable deposit payment is required at least 21 days before the course start date. The rest of the payment is required on DAY 0 (arrival day) of the course.


  • Carbine with 5 magazines

  • Pistol with 5 magazines

  • Individually issued equipment (LBE, Ballistic or Protective Vest with associated magazine pouches.)

  • Weapon mount flashlight for carbine & handheld flashlight

  • Knee and Elbow pads

  • Rain or inclement weather gear

  • Eye and Ear protection (clear and shaded lenses are recommended)

  • Hat /Gloves (carbines will get hot)

  • Sun screen (non-greasy or water resistant recommended)

  • Optical sight for carbine (Optional, but highly recommended.)

  • Night Vision Goggles (NGVs)

  • Weapon mounted Infrared laser (PEQ-2/PEQ-15)


Our course curriculum focuses on proven, battle-tested methods, utilizing the latest technologies and providing our graduates with a competitive edge. This course gives you the opportunity to join our organization as an instructor, and run your own courses and business with our help and guidance.


Topics include:

> Live fire shoot house operation and safety.

> Urban warfare counter terror tactics (including dynamic entry, limited or hasty penetration as an individual, in a pair and as part of a squad).

> Bodyguard tactics and live-fire shooting from a vehicle.

> Urban instructor techniques and CQB teaching skills.


Course includes: 150 hours of instruction and course completion certificate


Tactical Instructor course | ITS

Our course instructor family is made up of former Israeli Secret Service (Shin-Bet) Special Agents, Counter-Terror Specialists and U.S. Army Veterans, who provide second-to-none professional training with minimal classroom time and ample realistic live-fire exercises.Our curriculum focuses on proven, battle-tested methods and utilizes the latest technologies, providing our graduates with a competitive edge in the industry.

The course is a unique opportunity to obtain the knowledge

> Live fire shoot house operation and safety
> Urban warfare counter terror tactics - dynamic entry, limited penetration or hasty as individual, two man and squad.
> Bodyguard tactics together with live fire vehicle shooting
> Instructor urban tactics and CQB taching skills

The course gives you an opportunity to join our organization as instructor and conduct your own courses as a business with our help and guide.

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