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VIP and Celebrity Bodyguard Services

The main responsibility of a bodyguards is to protect their client (mostly VIPs and Celebrities). A bodyguard’s role is to keep their client out of harm’s way even if it means putting their body and life on the line.

Personal bodyguard services, or private security, can work for anyone at any time including politicians, celebrities, or they can be hired to protect a local business. Usually, in the case of a public figure, multiple bodyguards are hired.

The President of the United States usually will have bodyguards that are visible and extra bodyguards that blend in with a crowd in case someone tries to do something to harm him.

Many times a bodyguard can serve the role of driver and are there to make sure their client gets to the place they need to be. Often, bodyguards are assigned by reputable agencies. It is best to look for an agency that has experience and hires competent, experienced, and disciplined bodyguards.,executive protection jobs las vegas

The one common mistake people make when looking for a bodyguard is looking for someone who is muscular,close protection operator canadian forces

How We Protect Our Clients


Tomer Israeli is widely regarded as one of the world's leading experts for protecting public figures and asset security. Our bodyguard service, led by Tomer, provides you with superior, high-level of the high protection standards that you need to meet your personal and business goals.

We don't compromise on the level of our agents meaning every Agent is vetted and evaluated before he enter a project.

Our attention to your project doesn't end by provide you the agents - in the background Tomer personally guide and supervise every project help you and agents to optimize the experience. Tomer select the agent personally from our school graduated students and make sure they are all reliable, well rounded, mature and capable people. Some of our graduated are former U.S  Special Forces, Law enforcement Federal Agencies, Israeli Secret Service Shin Bet, veterans and civilians working with us after finish our courses and evaluated

Tomer Israeli

Former Chief Security Officer & Special Agents Team Leader

Israeli Secret Service - "Shin Bet"

best bodyguard in the world

About us

The Israeli Tactical School is an international executive protection and counter terror academy. Primarily located in the USA, the school carries out training projects and protection services for high-value dignitaries and public figures across the globe. To be successful in this, the Israeli Tactical School’s mission is to provide superior hands-on training from experienced and battle tested tier-one operators. The school has instructors from Tier-One Israeli units, the US Secret Service, and US Army Special Forces. These Instructors are selected carefully in order to ensure a standard of excellence and the ability to teach and protect international clients with varying cultures and languages. 

Executive Protection missions and training are the crown-jewels of the school’s operation, with a specialization in Head of State Protection. The Israeli Tactical School has provided protection unit training for multiple Heads of State, Kings and their families, presidents, members of parliaments, wealthy business moguls, and celebrities from the entertainment industry. Many of our graduated students will later work with the school’s protection projects or with peer companies that hire them due to the footage of high-quality training our students receive at the school. 


In the school’s protection program, we focus on attack prevention. That is, the ability to stop, delay, manipulate, and deceive attackers. These efforts utilize counter-surveillance tactics such as how to avoid being tracked physically/electronically, how to effectively break routine, cyber security, social media presence, and the dark web. Students will learn these skills as well as more traditional methods such as physical deterrents.


An instrumental aspect that sets The Israeli Tactical School apart from its competition is our focus on combat training for executive protection missions. Pulling straight from the Shin Bet doctrine, we understand that the last line of defense, should prevention attempts fail, is the ability to intercept and neutralize threats. The school focuses on hand-to-hand combat, tactical shooting CQB live fire, room clearing CQB live fire, motorcade ambush live fire team work, and vehicular live fire tactics. The students experience these live fire CQB skills in the individual and team levels.These crucial skills built in training are an important foundation for students to be able to overcome difficult situations in the most dangerous parts of the world. Our combat training builds up the student’s confidence to win situations, solve problems, become a team player, respond to authority, leadership and present discipline in the face of life-or-death scenarios. No matter what corner of the world bodyguards find themselves in, these are all instrumental qualities for an executive protection professional to possess.

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Protecting At-risk Individuals, Families, Executives & Corporations


Special Operations for non security / security missions

We protects the world's most prominent families and at-risk individuals. We provide consultation on security programs, and protective coverage at home, during travel, and at public appearances. We investigates and assesses threats, and manages cases of inappropriate pursuit. We provides all services related to safety and privacy, including travel logistics and safety, background screening of clients’ prospective employees, and training of clients’ staffs in security awareness.

While you travel for personal or business, be aware that we have the ability to provide high profile or covert protection to any destination. Our services and special operation are well coordinated as a full packaged by high specialized bodyguards. Our team have vast experience protecting in the most hostile locations in the world.

Vast experience with sensitive special operation, flexibility, creativity, local connections with international security agencies and can help you carry special sensitive tasks.

If you have a special need talk to our discrete representative regard your task.


iThanks for your message!

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Job Title

Personal Security Detachment (PSD)

Position: Contract


Location: Iraq

Job ID: 01333

Job Description

Employer is seeking applications from suitably qualified and experienced candidates to apply for PSD PSS roles predicted on a range of projects in Basra, Baghdad or Basra, Iraq. Would ideally suit those with no notice to serve/ available to deploy immediately upon receipt of visa. Rotation is 8  weeks on and 4 off.

Job Duties
The PPO/ FPOS Medic is responsible for assisting the team leader with the provision of armed security both mobile and static in order to provide the client the appropriate level of protection on all SET missions. In addition the PPO/ FPOS Medic is responsible for the provision of basic life support to the client and company staff; he reports directly to the SET team leader.
– Act as PPO and vehicle commander on all SET movements outside the LSC.
– Responsible for providing armed deterrent and presence at all sites visited by the SET in support of the dedicated client.
– Responsible for delivering the security brief to all clients on vehicular missions.
– Responsible for maintaining a high level of situational awareness on all missions.
– Responsible for check navigation as required.
– Responsible for the maintenance of all weapon systems issued.
– Act as PPO/ Medic on all SET movements.
– Responsible for conducting client medical welfare checks whilst static on site.
– In conjunction with medical trainer is responsible for conducting all medical training within the SET.
– Provide support & assistance for any Medical Officer as required
– Perform any other tasks and duties not mentioned above as directed by Project management.

Hiring Criteria
·         Military experience obligatory minimum of 5 years
·         Completed a recognized Close Protection PSD Course
·         Private Security Company experience desirable, especially as Operator/ Medic.
·         Previous experience in Oil and Gas industry desirable.
·         Previous hostile experience in the Middle East of at least 2 years .
·         Good standard of written and verbal skills required.
·         Computer literacy advantageous.
·         Certification and experience in Basic Life Support essential (FPOSi Course)
·         Certification and experience in Basic Life Support Resuscitation essential.
·         Previous experience in clinical care experience desirable but not essential.
·         Medical training role qualifications desirable.
·         Good inter-personal skills, both with Project, Client & external personnel.
·         Age not prescriptive, but candidate will need the experience referred to above.
·         Be in possession of a current driving license.
·         Must be able to work productively under pressure.
·         Will need to demonstrate flexibility.
·         Be in possession of a clean police criminal records check.
·         Must be physically fit to operate in extreme weather and arduous conditions
·         In date SIA license or international equivalent.

         APPLY FOR THIS JOB HERE                          

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