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Ambush Tactics In Executive Protection Mission

Ambush Tactics In Executive Protection Missions ITS

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What is Executive Protection Formations ITS

Ambush Tactics In Executive Protection Missions

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Classic Ambush Formations

Attackers may consider to use several classic ambush tactics in-order to preform an attack on your protection detail. The reason we are teaching this topic in our executive protection courses should be obvious. In-order to protect from an attacker you should know how the attacker do things. In a way our protection courses also function as an attackers 101 course.

Meaning in our courses we consider very much the attacker point of view - once you know what the attacker options and his alternative is half of the solutions as my Math teacher back in High School "Anat" used to tell me ;))

An attacker require several things before he conduct an attack:

1. He needs to know your routine

2. He needs to decide what are the opportunities and weakness in your routine he may exploit.

3. He needs to come up with operation plans and to choose which one is more likely to use

4. Drill and train his unit to flawlessly conduct the attack on models with all the contingencies (what if) and then attack.


As you see here the planing of an attack is not very different then the protection plan. Also the protection detail need the schedule (routine) decide between alternatives to avoid weakness points, choose between routes, choose more then one safe room for example.

During the collect of the information first from a distance later closer the attacker is very vulnerable!

He need to get closer and spent time under cover to see and evaluate the routine. He actually need to set his foot on the ground and evaluate first hand the area where the attack will take place, he need to see the lock, alarm system, gate, fence, bars on the windows, surveillance cameras, cars, dogs, guards, other employees, visitors, contractors, the VIP movements and how all of that shifting around on the time line of the routine and on and on. During this time the protection detail may notice his effort and approach him - therefore his cover story need to hold to their questions - all need to make sense !

As you see here the life of the attackers is not easy and relatively easy to break once you understand him better.

In our school protection courses and especially the Elite EP/PSD Agent 21 Days course we are going deep into the attacker world during our counter surveillance and covert security exercises.

L Ambush Formation


L ambush tactics is the most basic out there. The idea is to close on the protection detail from two directions at the same time without risking each other by put one attacker in the live of fire of the other attacker



L Shape Ambush

V Shape Ambush

The difference between L and V shape is the fact that the attackers can attack by using cross fire meaning not position themselves with the same geometry line as the executive protection agents

The advantage of the V shape would be demonstrated in the chapter Advance Ambush Tactics

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v Shape Ambush

Proper Use of Weapons in an Ambush

The proper use of weapons in a V ambush should be according to the effective operational distance of the shooting platform. Pistol effective Range is about 30m while rifle like AR 15 is effective up to 150-200 (without the use of magnified optics), sniper effective to 400-800 up to some say a mile away.

In order to maximize the effect of the weapon platform the attacker should try to operate the weapons close to their maximum distance possible and not beyond.

Example of weapons use tactics in an ambush:





The rifle allows attacker A to attack from an effective distance (150m) and be fairly safe from the bodyguards armed with pistols (effective 30m) - By using the L shape ambush tactic able the attacker to face the bodyguard detail in an ideal distance and not exposed himself (attacker) only at the kill zone.

Attacker B with the Pistol have no distance advantage attacking with a pistol. In-order to attack effectively attacker B required to have a cover story to get into the security perimeter and generate  the element of surprise.

The main conclusions are:


- Since the attacker needs to plan according to his weapon effective distance - you can close an effective security perimeter to prevent attack from close distance or moving out from the kill zone for the medium and long distance.

- Another option is not to be their in the first place meaning conducting the mission with focus on routine break a topic we about to cover in the later articles.


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