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GLOCK 19/17 or / and AR15/AK47/TAVOR

Course includes beginners and advance pistol rifle CQB & vehicles tactics live fire in the team level (motorcade exercises, hand to hand combat and bodyguard procedures  



This course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises. The course contains 5% lectures time in the classroom and 95% of the time live fire combat emergency exercises. The live fire exercises will take place in an urban area at 360 /270 kill houses in open outside fire-range during the warm season.
The course designed especially for beginners and all the way up to the professional levels.
The course is given in different locations for more details about events schedule and locations here

 All inclusive prices

  • 3 meals per day, lodging (barracks or private room for extra fee), transportation, ammo and firearms

  • Sign up time 60 days before the course with 700 USD deposit + PayPal fee 


4500 USD

USA prices


Course info 

Our course is designed for beginners or/and students with experience in the security industry. 

The majority of course is hands-on live-fire urban room clearing CQB together with vehicles ambush, evacuation & extraction exercises. The course designed to be with minimal classroom time.


The focus of the course is on realistic emergency scenarios, in-order to achieve it we utilize 360 live fire shoot houses (Florida & Poland locations) this allow us to test abilities in the closets environment to the real thing. There are additional training we conduct utilizing force-on-force to test tactical ideas and reactions with threat as role players but the majority of the course is urban & vehicle live fire exercises.

The course follows the Israeli Secret Service (Shin Bet) executive protection doctrine and the lead instructor of the course is Tomer Israeli a former officer in the Shin bet and served as special agents team leader for executive protection in the Israeli  embassy in Washington DC. Tomer Is also a chief security officer rank in the service.

Tomer is also a former captain and team leader in the Israeli army with several deployments in Lebanon include the 2nd Lebanon war in 2006. In the 2nd Lebanon war Tomer led his recon team 20 km behind enemy lines and was responsible to supply field intelligence and targets acquisition for the Israeli Airforce jets and missiles during the war. In the beginning of his army career Tomer served in the Israeli Delta Force (Sayeret Matkal - Yuval team DEC 92) & Golani - Orev before he went to officer course.

In 2011 Tomer founded in Washington DC - Israeli tactical school with focus on Executive protection and counter terror training for professionals and civilians. 


Close personal protection training course, 



The best Executive Protection Training


How to get a $100k-Executive Protection job - it all begins with the executive protection training you chose to attend. Our school instructors are former Israeli Secret Service Shin Bet, and our curriculum focus on LIVE FIRE urban & vehicles (motorcade) teamwork exercises, side-by-side with prevention counter surveillance tactics. About 95% of the program is hands-on realistic field exercises, with minimum classroom time.

Getting started in the PSD protection industry, and more specifically, in overseas contract positions, usually requires army service background. This army service should be as close as possible to the mission profile of a PSD bodyguard. Considering that a PSD bodyguard must be able to operate and fight in combat situations, individuals who served in hostile Middle Eastern countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and other high risk countries and provided protection services to dignitaries fulfill this requirement with ease.


In order to apply for PSD positions, candidates (including those with the military background described above) must possess the following skills and abilities:


•             Prevention skills like profiling, routine break, avoid tracking techniques are key factors in the success of any protection mission. Since the enemy needs specific information to conduct an attack, the absence of this information will prevent the attack.

•             Planning skills. Protection missions require careful planning and analysis of the protectee's schedule, limitations, resources and considerations of other parties involved. It is essential to plan missions in a manner that will give the team the time needed to implement preventative measures as well as get the protectee to his/her desired destinations.

•             Conducting the mission according to the plan requires the team to have set of skill and abilities beyond combat abilities and prevention techniques. Operators need to be reliable, self-driven, independent, mature, determined, team-oriented and possessing of common sense. Additionally, they need to be able to constantly learn new skills and adapt to new situations as they unfold.

•             Due to nature of the job, PSD bodyguards need to operate as a team in combat conditions. In order to prepare for it, the team needs to master urban CQB, CQC ( Close Quarter Combat) tactics, and handling of vehicles in case of an emergency. Training must be conducted with live fire and be as realistic as possible.


In light of the requirements outlined before, employers generally want candidates to possess the relevant training and experience prior to applying to a position. Although some employers do offer training programs, most are lacking due to to budgetary considerations.


Therefore, candidates must find ways to get high-end education before attempting to enter the job market to:

•             Increase chances of being selected for a desired job (i.e., stand out from the pack relatively to other candidates);

•             Get training to increase chances of survival on the job;

•             To get a realistic perspective of the life on the job;

•             Develop skills and increase value in the job market.


Our PSD program is designed to provide education necessary to develop critical combat and soft skills. The focus of the program is on teamwork live fire, including urban and motorcade exercises. In our courses, we prepare students for the worst case scenarios. After students complete these levels of training, they are qualified to apply to a variety of positions ranging from celebrity protection, to federal agency special agent, to overseas private military contractor or PSD contracts.


The course follows the curriculum of the Israeli Secret Service Shin Bet special agents’ program, as provided at the National Counter Terror School of the Shin-Bet. Instructors are all former Israeli Secret Service officers, special agents team leaders, and chief security officers.



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