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Executive Protection Training

A grant to assist African-American, Latinx Veterans, and their qualifying spouses obtain training and certifications to further advance their career or lead to job placement.

Our courses recognized by the following states:

Washington, Nevada, California, Georgia, Florida & Texas - Ask our representative about our SIX states certification process and our financial aid for veterans up to Full Scholarship 

Duration: 4 days

$ 1000


Operation: Achieve is a new grant we have been awarded to assist Black/African American and Hispanic/LatinX Veterans with training and education for employment.

To qualify you can be an Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard Veteran, currently serving, or a spouse that is Black or LatinX.


The veteran is allowed any discharge status other than Dishonorable.



Our course is designed for beginners and/or students with no experience in the security industry.

The course 

 Preliminary Risk Assessments
 Advance Concepts & Route Selection
 Protective Perimeters & Layers of security
 Developing & Implementing a Protective Detail
 High Profile Protection & Deterrents
 Covert Protection Concepts
 Foot & vehicle Formations
 Counter Surveillance & Surveillance - Tracking & Prevention
 Motorcade & Convoy Security Concepts
 Pre-Attack Indicators & Behavioral Analysis
 Vehicle & Urban Estate Sweeps
 > Teamwork & Hands-on Field Exercises
 > Meets Licensing Requirements for Florida D, G and CCW licenses, Texas Level 1-4, Georgia Blue Card

Lead instructor

Tomer Israeli, a former Captain and Team Leader in the Israeli Army, has over 20 years of combat and training experience. After serving in the Israeli Delta Forces (Sayeret Matkal - Yuval ‘92) and Golani-Orev, Israeli undertook the officers course and subsequently led a recon team 20km behind enemy lines during the Second Lebanon war in 2006, supplying field intelligence and target acquisition for Israeli Air Force jets and missiles.

In 2011, Tomer founded the Israeli Tactical School in Washington, D.C. with a focus on Executive Protection and Counter Terror Training for professionals and civilians.


Certification & licenses

Graduates from our Executive Protection Program will be eligible to apply for a D, G and Concealed Carried Weapon (CCW) license in the State of Florida, level 1-4 license in the State of Texas and Executive Protection License (Blue Card) in the State of Georgia, allowing you to start booking jobs inmediately.

Course includes

 > Basic firearms, pistol, hand-to-hand, and vehicle combat, arrest and control, prevention tactics and counter surveillance.

 Meets all prerequisites to obtain armed security/executive protection licenses for Florida (D & G), Texas (level 1-4) and Georgia (Blue Card).


This course will be taught using a mix of theoretical and practical exercises (50% classroom lecture time and 50% hands-on time, preparing for before and during emergency events). Live fire exercises will take place at a range in Miami, Florida. Course designed especially for beginners.

All inclusive prices

> Students should bring their own gear, weapon and ammo (400 rounds).
> Sign ups close 30 days before the course start date. $700 deposit required (+ PayPal fee).

SIX States certifications
Florida D & G, Texas 1-4, Georgia Blue Card, Nevada, Washington State & California

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Iron Lion Jiu-Jitsu Academy / ITS Idaho Branch: 7352 N. Government Way Suite F Dalton Gardens, ID 83815, USA

6700 Holser Canyon Rd, Piru, CA 93040

14690 Rothgeb Dr 5311, Rockville, MD 20850

Fernan Rod and Gun Club:

11600 E Fernan Lake Rd, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814, USA

251 Prosperity Dr. Winchester, VA 22602


 > EP fundamentals 
 > Pistol basics fundamentals 
 > Changing Magazine

 > Pistol Malfunctions 
 > Breaking line of fire
 > Moving with Client formations 1-4 man team

 > Close Quarter Combat
 > Advancing
 > Counter Surveillance etc

The structure and curriculum of this course is inspired by the equivalent Israeli Secret Service (Shin Bet) course:



08:00 am - Course overview, introduction to the instructors, executive protection mission overview - classroom (101)

09:00 am - Risk assessment, mission planning, and counter surveillance - classroom (101)

12:00 pm - Lunch 

01:00 pm - Pistol fundamentals - drawing from concealed carry, trigger work, rapid fire and precision shooting, multiple attackers, magazine change and gun malfunction - dry fire

07:00 pm - Goodnight



08:00 am - Pistol fundamentals - range time - wet

​12:00 pm - Lunch 

​01:00 pm - Shooting with a VIP exercises (one agent and a VIP)

07:00 pm - Goodnight


08:00 am - Training for scenarios with one/two agents, vehicles, urban settings (red carpet events, restaurants)

12:00 pm - Lunch 

01:00 pm - Routes, safe rooms, breaking routine, advance work - writing mission plans for events and resident security plans

07:00 pm - Dinner & Free Time


08:00 am - FTX - going with a VIP to events - meeting, mall, speech in hotel

​07:00 pm - Diploma Awards and Farewell


Students should bring their own cars to the course. If you require alternative transportation during the course, there will be an additional fee of 50 USD per day.

Gun rentals & ammo

It is highly recommended to use your own firearm(s) for this course. If you would like us to provide you with firearms, this will incur an additional fee of 50 USD per day. Additional ammo will cost 50 cents per bullet, and 200 rounds are required for the course.


A deposit payment is required no later than 45 days before the course begins. This deposit is non-refundable.

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