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How to work together (Two man) effectively clearing rooms and move through urban areas as individual and two men level. in the course we focus also on problem solving under pressure during combat maneuvers. In order to that a great deal of the course  emphasis on e implement muscle memory with many repetition during "dry" (no  bullets) before, we move to the live fire part to shot. 

The systems we are teaching are dynamic entry together with limited penetration used by units around the world in different ways for different missions. In the course we explain the benefit of using each system depend on the mission required.

This course designed is to prepare the students to take part in the next course SWAT 2 and more advance courses beyond such as SWAT 2, SWAT 2 airborne, SWAT airborne fast rope, Hostage rescue from a bus and Navy SEALs.

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Sep 27-30             Florida    3500 USD 

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A former veteran of the Israeli secret service "Shin bet" and special agents team leader for Executive of protection

A veteran captain of the Israeli Defense Forces with over 20 years of both combat and instructional experience. He began his army career in the Israeli Delta Force ...  read more

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Duration            Pricing

4 days                   3500 USD



Glock & AR15 (In USA) / MP5  (In Poland)

Two days course includes  refreshment on TAC 4 content of the beginners program. The focus of the course is to build up skills and understanding of the dynamic entry room clearing as a team. In this course we learn difference between limited penetration and dynamic entry and practice live fire in the individual level and two man to prepare for the SWAT 2 course and beyond meaning the squad team levels. In the course we also conducting live fire room clearing with flash light and NVG generation 2.5 to prepare baseline for SWAT 2 course



This course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises. The course contains 5% lectures time in the classroom and 95% of the time live fire combat emergency exercises. The live fire exercises will take place in an urban area at 360 /270 kill houses i
Final training exercise will contain  a realistic combat two man room clearing scenarios with low light and night vision 2.5 live fire 
The course is given in different locations for more details about events schedule and location here


 Day 1: one man room clearing    

  • Starting time after breakfast: 8:00am 

  • Working dry individual, pair and squad room clearing one room 

  • Working dry on more advance team work compound scenarios

  • Lunch 13:00 and break

  • Live fire individual warrior  room clearing 

  • Finish time: 7:00 pm 

  • Back to lodging

Day 2 - Two men room clearing   

  • Starting time after breakfast: 8:00am 

  • Working live fire pair and squad room clearing one room 

  • Working dry on more advance team work compound scenarios

  • Lunch 13:00 and break

  • Live fire + Flashbang room clearing as a two man

  • Dinner 19:00 and break

  • Night vision dry and live fire room clearing as individual 

  • Finish time: 24:00

Day 3 - Squad / team  

  • Starting time after breakfast: 8:00am 

  • Hostage Rescue urban scenarios 

  • CQB Tactics

  • Multiple Entry Points

  • Night sneaking 

  • Low light & night vision room clearing exercises 

  • Finish time: 24:00

Day 4 - Airborne "little bird" exercises   

  • Starting time after breakfast: 8:00am 

  • Raid and hostage rescue drills with little bird

  • Land on roof tops and move to room clearing 

  • Landing and move to live fire room clearing 

  • The heli pilot is a former member of SOCOM elite helicopter squadron in the U.S Army SF specialized with nigh flights and bad weather conditions with vast experience flying SF to remote hostile destination night/day

  • Low light & night vision room clearing exercises 

  • Finish time: 24:00

Skill prerequisites

  • The course provided to lawful citizens or Police & army members. We run a short background check on all students

  • Normal mental & physical shape - for the SWAT Airborne with a fast rope require prerequisite of pull ups test include one day of rope training before the actual airborne fast rope day

  • The  course require prerequisite of TAC 4 before the course.

Required gear & additional info

  • Course fee does not includes firearms. We supply the ammo and the training gear.​

  • The course fee does not include meals.​

  • We highly recommend bringing your own weapons and gear​

  • Lodging is available onsite and in the vicinity of the training facility other lodging for rent available about an hour from the training center 

  • Night vision gen 2.5 and helmets will be provided.​

  • Flashlights and infrared flashlights will be provided.​

  • Illuminators - infrared & visible - will be provided.

  • Belt mounted, dominant side holster

  • Sturdy belt at least 1.5” wide

  • Armored vest for AR 15 mags 

  • Footwear suitable for rapid movement

  • Green olive uniform (pants and BDU)

  • Hydration system

  • Sunscreen and bug spray

  • Hat

  • Wraparound eye wear

  • Earmuffs and earplugs

 All inclusive prices

  • Ammo 9mm & 5.56 provided together w gear - Rental firearms available for additional for 50 USD per day.

  • In Poland and Thailand our courses are all inclusive (hotel, meals and transportation 

  • In the USA, Latin America and etc the price not include hotel and meals.

  • Sign up time 60 days before the course with 1000 USD deposit + PayPal fee 


3500 USD

USA prices


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