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Israeli Tactical School proud to have Trango System

as our sponsors. Trango specialize with tactical

Infrastructure solutions for LIVE FIRE, SIM, UTM

training applications .


"As a world lead Counter Terror & Protection Academy

, Israeli Tactical School is always looking for more

realistic & innovated training for the units training

with us" - said Tomer Israeli head of school.

The flexibility Tarango system gives me is amazing, I can now change urban quickly. In the past changing setup took forever by dragging heavy walls from wood and hammer them to the ground. Now the assembly and disassembly is instant! I can change the room set up from one room and a backyard to two rooms and a hallway with no hassle. Now my students can experience more verity of option in the same day with almost no down time.

Another advantage is to change scenarios with non-combative and threat targets, change the room setups of chairs, tables, appliances and room decoration instantly make the scenario more realistic for them with no down time.

These advantages are especially useful for live fire training that our school specialize in. To rent a full expansive shoot house live fire require budget that most unit simply can't afford. Now with Trango System we found away to have add the shoot house live fire experience in more affordable way for the unit - in fact the unit now can buy a CQB 1 set for themselves train the fundamentals with different urban elements before coming back to our academy for the more advanced urban setups and jump the next level instead of staying with the fundamentals.

If you interested with more info about the Trango System products, please contact us here 



Israeli Tactical School proud to have General Robotics (GR) as our associates . General Robotics have line of Tactical Combat Robots to aid and sometimes replace the unit combat teams in their operations.

"The ability to use a robot is very much like using a dog in a hostage rescue situation" said Tomer Israeli the lead instructor at the Israeli tactical School for hostage rescue units training. Like the dog you want to avoid risking humans so instead the dog to detect and elimination of the threats, but unlike the dog the robot provide other unique advantages"

"take for example the Dogo a unique robot that has besides his superior mobility to overcome almost any urban obstacles like stairs also a Glock 26 armed embedded in the chassis. 

"The robot is silent, low profile, with night vision and can add another important visual at the room before the team decide to enter. You can send also multiple robots to scan the building and add important intelligence or complete and neutralize the threat with the armed 9mm Glock 26"

The side of the tactics is more classified and I can not elaborate more about it, but certainly the Israeli elite special forces & Hostage Rescue of Israel got tons of experience throughout the years and battle proven tactics are availible for units wish to educate themselves not with just state of the art tactics but also of how to use it. 

If you interested with more info about the General Robotics products, please contact us here 

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