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How to choose the right security school ?


"If you do our course and we get to know you we will get you a job in our projects"

What could be better then that right ?

Some of the security schools out there even the most recognized like publish it on their courses landing pages or whisper in your ear these SWEET words.

To find a job right after a course is a temptation that who can resist ?


The truth is that if anybody offer you a job after the course just like that without knowing you it is not serious and not realistic. 

The right security school and the right close protection officer course you do is the school that would give you maximum real life skills not just certificates - the amount of graduated students out there with all the certificates in the world and NO skills is big and they don't work in the high pay projects - In order to work at the high pay projects you need to be lethal - a capable war machine and you need to understand the mechanism of the attack to conduct successful prevention tactics and you need of course abilities to interact with client with peers, with service providers and get resources to work for your security plan and for the client convenience. 

To be able to convince the security of the hotel to let you park exactly in-front of a side door would break the routine for the attacker, make the client happy he didn't wait for the car on the sidewalk  and everybody is happy !

Soft arts skills like convincing people, interact with people be street smart are not less important then room clearing live fire CQB - you need them both and much more.

You can't get this experience in the class room - you can get this experience by doing it hands on in practice again and again be careful from the 50%-70% class room courses you not learn there anything but to sit in a class room in-front of a power point slide.

In Israeli Tactical School courses we have zero class room time

all the courses are hands on only - practice practice practice - you make mistakes you learn !!!

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