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Risk assessment in EP mission

Ambush Tactics In Executive Protection Missions ITS

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What is Executive Protection Formations ITS

Risk assessment in EP mission

Tomer Israeli - Head of School          



How to do a risk assessment survey?


Risk assessment evaluate the risk to the VIP from a potential threats.

We are starting the risk assessment with survey on the client by asking the following questions:

-  Why the client thinks he needs security?

- What his expectations? Does he have any special request regards the scale of security? budget? Where he wants to protect? who he wants to protect?

After the basic data is given, we recommend you join the client for several days in his movements and routines. This way you can later conduct analysis of the schedule with emphasis on routines meaning the predictable part of the schedule. The routine considered to be the most important of all.

Why the routines in schedule are so important? 

The main objective of security is to prevent the attacker attack as early as possible.

In order to do so we need first and foremost to think what would be the attacker options and do it from the attacker point of view.

The attacker need to map the routines as well as you do. The process of the routine mapping is to see what are the weakness points of the schedule for example where the events are predictable like when the VIP going to the gym, routes he using to get to his office and etc.

In other words, we are basically would do exactly what the attacker should do!

After we have the routine for the VIP, Family and assets in the predictable locations such as office, resident, gym the favorite coffee place ... we are moving to how the risk meet the reality - what the attacker can really do here if he had the opportunity.

So first we need to decide what likely to happen by priority meaning risk assessment.

Back in the day, I remember that the likely to happen may be a very scary long list of options - I want to encourage you to keep it simple and focus on the big make sense stuff - a jet engine airliner airplane is not likely to crash on your VIP although it happen on September 11 / 2001

Once you got the list of likely options now its time to do the security plan meaning : what, when, where and how to arrange the resources people, hardware and software and make sure its working meaning testing it.

More about how to do all of that during our executive protection course

Incident  Overview  

In this recent event (7/8/22) the attacker armed with improvised weapon got too close to the VIP the former prime minister of Japan - his bodyguards should read this article about the kill zone it could save their VIP.

You simply can't the attacker to used concealed weapon in it's effective range that it - no body can stop the bullets and nobody run faster then a bullet. The only way to prevent it - it's either not to be there or applying an effective security perimeter to counter the close range shooter at this incident. More about this topic - how to create a security perimeter in our Advanced 9 days and 21 days course

Shinzo Abe assisnation

Attacker is inside the security perimeter

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How to avoid the killing zone damage

How to avoid the killing zone damage

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Some people behind the fense some people like the attacker are not

it too late now

Too late now... you can't stop the bullets you need to make the VIP a hard target !

pm 5.jpg

Attack from the back -  The perimeter should be closed 360 to every effective weapon distance


The location at the street  out in the open basically visible to shooters 360

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