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Residential Security 


Residential Security & Executive Protection – France ITS

Job Title

Residential Security

Executive Protection France

Position: Contract

Salary: 60000 Euro - 70000 Euro / year + Benefits

Location: French Riviera, France

Job ID: 01374

Job Description

Client is seeking mature individuals of strong moral character to provide Residential Security at his residence in Krakow, Poland for himself and his family and Executive Protection during all movements.   Client frequently travels throughout Europe and the Caribbean.   This is an excellent opportunity for an already-seasoned EP agent to gain extensive EP experience.


– Perform static security duties with random daily or nightly foot patrols of the residence interior / exterior
– Conduct loose follow over watch or close protection of client during all movements from residence
– Conduct Risk Threat and Vulnerability Assessments of all clients’ residences
– Ensure the overall safety and security of designated principals and their property
– Develop and maintain site Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
– Demonstrate responsibility for all equipment used in support of the protective operations program (i.e. vehicles, medical supplies, communications devices, etc.)
– Control access to property and maintain entry logs for guests and service personnel
– Keep an active log of activity around the residence
– NOTE: Agent will reside at residence


– Must be a US citizen (due to travel restrictions, only applicants who are dual citizens of the US and a EU member-state country will be considered at this time)
– Must have a valid US passport not within 6 months of expiring and have at least 2 full empty pages remaining in your Passport
– English must be your native language
– Must not smoke or use drugs of any kind
– Possess some type of civilian residential security experience (in some cases, certain types of Embassy Guard or residential close protection experience from the military will be accepted)
– Must be willing to work 12-hour shifts during a 3-month-on / 3-month-off rotation
– Must be able to pass a background check (no misdemeanors, felonies or other criminal charges)
– Possess a good understanding of the latest technology in security camera systems, use of smartphones, communication and collaboration apps
– Have excellent customer service skills
– Physically fit and maintain a clean and sharp appearance- Be able to pass a drug screening and submit to periodic screenings throughout the duration of employment
– Must possess the ability to multitask
– Must be a proactive problem solver with demonstrated capability to work independently


– Possess prior executive protection experience
– Possess prior experience with high net worth private families
– Prior experience providing protective security in a corporate/private and/or family environment
– Prior military in a combat arms or SOF MOS is a plus
– Candidates that possess professional/formal training in defensive tactics, counter surveillance / surveillance detection and possess covert protection experience
– Prior attendance of a recognized EP school (i.e. ESI, EPI, Oatman, PFC, ITG4, TFTT)
– Prior attendance of a recognized vehicle dynamics driving course
– Candidates that possess active First Responder or EMT certifications
– Candidate must have an understanding of the use of social media collection tools in support of protective intelligence

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