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Examples about the role of the protection PMC | PSD

Tomer Israeli - Head of school




The most important part of this topic is to get you back alive. At the end of the day. The PMC PSD missions have a tendency to be very dangerous. There is a reason why the pay is so high!

PMC and contracting foreigners as mercenaries to do dirty jobs that a regular army should not do is old tracing back to the stone age. Rome, Greece, Babylon and other empires hired mercenaries for these dirty missions that require skills, maturity, flexibility and complex missions. 


Any conventional army will find it relatively simple to win a conventional war but the moment the war becomes sitting and surviving against guerilla and insurgency the non-symmetric warfare have tendency to favor the guerilla.


In the absence of the regular troops US sustained control by using non regular troops the mercenaries and local militia getting paid as mercenaries as well to support US intertest. The former US and allied forces mercenaries held usually the more sensitive jobs that require loyalty in the highest level for example dignitary of protection jobs or security jobs to secure critical infrastructure.


As you see the mercenaries are basically professional troops that are more expendable and here is the risk that you are taking with the job.

Therefore before you land this dream job please do the necessary research to make sure you don’t dig a hole too deep for you to handle.

The level of skills required by a mercenary is relatively high since the level of conflict is high but necessary the level of support you will receive is sufficient - most of the time the only support you can trust is you and your team - therefore the all team need to perform better and depends more on each other simply for the absence of real back up like air force, artillery or other US friendly forces.


Typical PSD job is to secure a general, executives as bodyguard or delegation security moving around from location to location to support the business or on a diplomatic mission. The ability to avoid being ambushed and to react to an ambush aggressive as a team and survive it are the main focus of the PSD course.


Other jobs of PMC could be on a wide spectrum of positions from technicians,intel, medical and warrior providing security to the business infrastructures.

The pay is high but do your due diligence before committing.

Israeli tactical school has a lot of experience training future psd to this type of missions. The fcous we have on the combat and prevention side of the job make our 9 day PSD/EP course and 21 Day special Agents course is the some of the most advance live fire team training in the world of security and many of the students attending our courses find a job as result from the course and the overall skill obtain before and after the course. The course give a big advantage to gain these jobs especially for students with no special forces background.






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