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Our courses tactical training offering include firearms training side by side with tactical training in Thailand. Tactical shooting classes are taking place in a tactical shooting range where do we do the shooti­ng is Poland, tactical range. Handgun training for concealed carry, we provide together with tactical shooting training. The emphasis of our gun training is on Austria concealed carry class at the gun range. Some students taking tactical gun training at shooting range in Berlin with pistol training classes, Thailand handgun class and of course Germany tactical class conducted on the regular basis at tactical training Hamburg or Warsaw fire range near me. tactical training courses for civilians near me or/and shooting classes together with tactical pistol training are completing you knowledge for certificate for firearm training at the gun range near me. At our zurich classes ccw class we learn also concealed carry class near me like any other firearms training Orlando or similar courses such as tactical firearms training, firearms training near me. Some people like law enforcement, bodyguard or swat police officers are looking for tactical school with tactical shooting can find it here in our gun classes in md to the basic levels or higher to the tactical shooting course where we offer a unique program very different from other tactical shooting schools. We offer a variety of Firearm training courses, handgun training classes and pistol training courses. Our weapons training start from gun safety course, ccw class swiss, Norway. Our concealed carry classes near me contains gun classes, conceal carry, gun training classes, gun training, ccw class near me, pistol training, tactical training Orlando, handgun training Belgium or France and Spain class UK, United kindom. Tactical shooting class near me take the training to a whole different level combat pistol training near me, gun safety classes in Japan, handgun classes Ireland and tactical training courses. The combat shooting course near me designed especially for beginners within our tactical academy we provide firearms safety training courses. The pistol training courses near me start from a deep dive to weapons training classes, like in no other best firearm training schools. Our gun training classes near me and tactical handgun training or ccw course near me. Its important handgun safety course, md handgun course, pistol training classes near me, tactical firearms, and tactical rifle training tactical. The focus training classes designed for civilian tactical training together firearms instructor course near me. Handgun certification classes, rifle training near me, and other shooting in Australia. The best executive protection course in Singapore, top close protection training in Taiwan. Executive protection bodyguard training in Sweden, Finland with close protection specialist in Oslo Copenhagen, Denmark, the best bodyguard training in Holland Netherlands, Dutch and Russia Ukrine. We conduct the best executive protection training in China, Milano. Executive security training and personal protection training in Hungary, Germany.

The best cpo Close protection operative course & pmc Private Military Contractor training in Poland, Swiss, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, Greece

ITS | Executive protection training close protection training 

The training center Israeli tactical school is using in Poland belong to ECT covers the area of  68 hectares and is situated among the environmentally sound and clean landscape and lakes. The training center contains many different training advantages to almost any type of training possible including live fire shoot house 360 and shooting ranges from/to water lake side, sniper, rappelling, fast rope and more. At this training center we provide all the programs of ITS from beginners, tactical training, Executive protection training to SWAT advanced allow us to shoot in several out door conditions the different stages of the beginners, tactical training and protection program. The location is around one hour drive from Katowice airport.

At the range we established our outdoor room clearing urban structure for live fire shooting and a space to conduct the vehicles live fire exercises.

Lodging based on availability of hotels in the area and meals  are not provided at the location.

43-430 Bładnice Dolne, Poland

Poland      Executive protection training close protection classes

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Executive protection 7 days 

Our entry level course designed especially for beginners and professional .. read more

High risk EP / PSD 10 days

The high risk over seas contracts require tactical combat elements ... read more


In the course we focus on combination of key elements ... read more

Florida | FL | Executive protection training in Florida, FL | Tactical training in Florida, FL | room clearing training cqb in florida, fl | SWAT training in florida, FL | Israeli tactical school | www.israelitactical.com/florida

TAC 1 - Basic pistol 

How to use a pistol effectively in case of   ... read more

TAC 1 - Basic rifle

This class is similar in many ways to the TAC  ... read more

TAC 2 - Rifle / pistol transition

In the course we focus on combine the ... read more

Florida | FL | Executive protection training in Florida, FL | Tactical training in Florida, FL | room clearing training cqb in florida, fl | SWAT training in florida, FL | Israeli tactical school | www.israelitactical.com/florida

TAC 3 - Intro to room clearing 

In the TAC 1,2 course we learned how to ... read more

TAC 4 - Room clearing 

At this stage of the program, we deal with ... read more

TAC 5 - Vehicle CQB  

This class focus on how to use the car as a  .. read more

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Our school focus on Counter terror and Executive protection training of units & individuals globally. Training provided by our Tier one experienced instructors veterans from elite distinguished Israeli & U.S units such as Israeli Delta Force (Sayeret Matkal), Israeli Navy SEALs (Shin-13), Israeli Secret Service (Shin-bet), Mossad, U.S Secret Service, U.S Green Beret and etc.

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