NVG Night Vision Training

The training emphasis on night vision NVG familiarity and embed the night vision during our CQB live fire room clearing team work. Meaning the course is not a separate but can be - we recommend to the NVG course as part of our room clearing live fire course TAC 1,2 or SWAT training

Duration: 1 to 5 days

$ 2500



This course build up CQB combat skills to clear rooms during day time, low light and total darkness by utilizing night vision goggles systems 3rd generation. The course focus on room clearing with a pistol, rifle as one man and two men room clearing.

Course objectives include introduction to room clearing and learning how to neutralize a threat in an emergency urban scenario as a lone combatant, during the day and night, with a pistol and/or a rifle.


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In this course, we will introduce you to different aspects and challenges of urban scenarios, including:

> Creating a clear line of fire in a situation with multiple attackers

> Scanning a room where both non combatants and threats are present (selective shooting method - pie)

> How to approach center fed and corner fed rooms (rooms whose entry points are located either towards the center of a wall or on a corner).

> Hallway clearing.

> Moving out from one room back to the hallway.

> Doors: different directions and sides.

> Stairs clearing..

> Clearing a room at night (low light) with a pistol/rifle with a mounted flashlight (day 3 of the program).

> When to go and help others, and when to defend from a safe room.

It's not the size of the dog in the fight
It's the size of the fight in the dog

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All scenarios are designed to ensure students’ progression, from basic to more advanced scenarios, including working under pressure, fog of war and aggressive mind development.



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One men CQB clearing room tactics for Home Defense / Active Shooter missions


CQB clearing room tactics for Home Defense / Active Shooter missions

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