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The training centers Israeli tactical school is using in Maryland are Gilbert Firerange in Rockville,  and an out door range in Manassas, Virginia location (about an hour from Washington DC).

At the Gilbert's and Manassas gun ranges, we conducting our beginners one day beginners courses and private lessons.

Since the focus of our courses is more tactical orientation, we move from day no.1 and up to the Winchester Virginia location.

In the Winchester location we have plenty of room for our vehicle movements and urban room clearing live fire scenarios.

Lodging based on availability of hotels in the area and meals provided at the location for additional fee

14690 Rothgeb Drive Rockville, MD 20850


Israeli Tactical School specializes in realistic self-defense training. Our instructors’ decades of experience in the fields of counter-terror and protection give students a real-life perspective. on what to expect in the case of an emergency. The training focuses on developing the skills needed to face critical moments. such as home invasion and threats to business and livelihood.

In our HQL classes, the emphasis is on hands-on and live-fire practice with minimum classroom time. The class room time is roughly translates into 95% of practical handling of a gun and 5% of theoretical content. Our curriculum emphasizes accuracy, rapid-fire, fine trigger work, and overall operating under high-stress conditions.

The HQL class is basically a short version of our basic pistol/rifle TAC1. This course is part of our beginners’ program. Ultimately, successful completion of this course allows you to proceed to TAC2 and TAC3. These  courses include home defense room clearing, active shooter exercises, and more. Simply put, tactical training for civilians is our school expertise.

If you would like to purchase a handgun and learn how to actually use it. in case of a real-life emergency, our program is an excellent place to get you started.

Our programs for beginners and advanced shooters alike are renowned for their high quality. Additionally, we are unique in our ability to tailor instruction to our students’ needs. therefore providing them with the best possible service and enhancing their learning experience. We keep our classes small; we never have more than ten students per group, giving us a ratio of 1:5/1:3.

We focus on every student. Every bullet shot is thoroughly debriefed to certify that performance is up to par with best practices. checking for students’ alertness and general awareness. The strong emphasis on individual performance. (the method employed by the Israeli secret service) ensures that students learn to avoid collateral damage of any sort even when under enormous pressure. This subject is taught in greater depth during TAC2 and TAC3.

Tomer Israeli developed all the training at Israeli Tactical School, drawing from over 25 years of both combat and instructional experience. He began his army career in the Israeli Delta Force (Sayeret Matkal. – ’92 Yuval), then as member of a recon team (Orev Golani –  ’92 Dotan). As a reserve officer (captain), Tomer led his recon team deep behind enemy lines during the Second Lebanon War (2006).

After the army, Tomer was selected for training by the Shin Bet (Israeli Secret Service). and became a certified Chief Security Officer upon completion. He was posted to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., where he operated as team leader in a special agent close protection unit.



  HQL Class pistol - 4 hours session - 200 USD

  available everyday call us for details 

  202-674-7255 or

Handgun Qualification License:

  1. Pistol knowledge and operation.

  2. Pistol action types.

  3. Rules for safe gun handling and use.

  4. Ammunition knowledge

  5. Fundamentals of pistol shooting.

  6. Intro to MD firearms laws.

  7. Selecting your first pistol.

  8. Maintenance and storage.

  9. Application process.


Live fire session

Total instructing time : 4 hours.

Pre-requisites:  No prior experience required. You will need to fill out and submit a LiveScan form in advance. 

Next Course: The HQL class meets the state of Maryland's requirements to apply for your HQL license. 

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The tactical training stage of the program designed for students wish to take their skills set to the next level. We learn to use the techniques  to serve different mission applications. The courses in this stage focus on live fire together with hand to hand combat still on the individual level but also start to focus on the team level through TAC 3Two man Room Clearing CQB that from this point take us to the Advanced program with live fire team work for highly skilled individuals that complete the Tactical Program and now ready for the advance courses or for professional looking to upgrade as operators in the field of security and small unit warfare. For more details press here

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