The emphasis of the course is on hands to hand combat CQB for security, law enforcement, army and self defense. The course following the best practice of the Israeli Secret Service (Shin Bet) the focus is on keep it aggressive to the point. The course fit perfectly to students wish to learn the Israeli hand to hand tactics to complete  their cqb,cqc combat experience to the point with no belts and phases like in similar Krav Maga institutes

Duration: 14 days


krav maga | israeli tactical | its


This course focuses on the krav maga as a combat tools box for the operator. The course designed as a scenario based exercises. Each student will master the operator dilemma and point of view in-order to utilize Krav Maga later to neutralize and survive the conflict.  This course complete of TAC 5 days and EP 9 days CQB and executive protection training with the necessary combat skills for the challenge


It's not the size of the dog in the fight
It's the size of the fight in the dog


All scenarios are designed to ensure students’ progression, from basic to more advanced scenarios, including working under pressure, fog of war and aggressive mind development.



This course requires black belt / brown belt level in combat hand to hand combat disciplines that emphasis on street fight / full contact applications. The course designed as a professional hand to hand combat course and require the students to be in a good physical shape before attending the course

PRICE - All inclusive

The course include training, 4 meals per day, lodging 2 students in one room, transportation from the airport.

The course take place in Idaho on Iron Lion Jiu Jitsu Academy 7352 N Government Way ste f, Dalton

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