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Why us ?

Tomer Israeli is widely regarded as leading expert in the world of protection of public figures. Our bodyguard service is unique due to the high standard of our protection approach. 

Excellence, accountability and discretion are our main focus. The service we provide is by former Israeli Secret Service (Shin Bet) and Mossad special agents.

Protecting At-risk Individuals, Families and Executives & Corporations

We protects the world's most prominent families and at-risk individuals. We provide consultation on security programs, and protective coverage at home, during travel, and at public appearances. We investigates and assesses threats, and manages cases of inappropriate pursuit. We provides all services related to safety and privacy, including travel logistics and safety, background screening of clients’ prospective employees, and training of clients’ staffs in security awareness.

Visiting Israel on the safe side 

While you travel to Israel for personal or business, be aware that we have the ability to provide high profile or covert protection include locations in the west bank, Jordan, Egypt and beyond. Our regular services and special operation are coordinated with local law enforcement, army and Israeli Secret Service in-order to provide for you a full packaged of armed security by high specialized bodyguards. Our team of former special agents have vast experience protecting the most sensitive Israeli assets such as prime minister, Israel Presidents, sensitive diplomatic delegations in the most hostile locations in the middle east and beyond.

Special Operations for non security / security missions

Flexibility, creativity, local connections with Israeli security services and agents as operators can help you carry special sensitive task in Israel or other middle east or other locations. 

If you have a special need talk to our discrete representative regard your task.

Transportation solutions, guide and translation package

We can offer a package for clients interested with a complete solution of security, transport, local guide, translator and other services. Our high standard from the security world also reflects on the level of service providers we choose for you this way we can assure you with safe and satisfying visit. 

International travel 

Our ability to meet the needs of your high standard travel is not limited only for Israel but also in any other place on the globe. If  you need a  detail which you trust everywhere on the globe. Throughout the years we being able to build up business partners network based on our school graduated students. This way we have reliable point of contact and home base with vast of domestic connection that help get what we need for the mission in a high level of quality.

Our front command headquarters in the USA or Israel will be availible 24/7 for your needs any time of the day and make sure your travel goals are met.

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