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How To Get Private Security Job

How to Get a Private Security Job ITS

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How To Get Private Security Job

The Job Application Process

Applying for a job in a field that you’re trying to break into could be difficult, especially when the field is full of skilled and extraordinarily competitive Candidates. There are things you will need to have ready whether you apply for a job through potential employers website applications or directly with an employer are: a resume, DD-214, and a photograph.

There probably thousands of new applicants for any particular job on a daily basis – and oftentimes, only one or two of those candidates are actually fit for the role.

The employer vetting process require operational experienced staff usually from more then one branch of the US Armed Forces with vast experience in jobs placement within the private security sector, government agencies, law enforcement, and other corporate sector industries. They heavily leverage their knowledge, experience, and networks in these spaces to personally vet all candidates who apply for jobs on our site. Their process of identifying and vetting qualified Candidates is what enables employers to place nearly everyone. Employers trust and rely upon our experience and guidance on identifying and vetting qualified candidates for their private security jobs.

Employers receive countless emails from people seeking security jobs without a military / law enforcement / defense background; if you fall into this category you may need to make your job application appealing to these jobs but taking the proper training for example our Elite 21 days course (that will provide you an advantage over must armed forces experience and make yourself overall fit for these jobs. Of course we encourage you to either join the military or a local law enforcement group first; or seek a local entry-level security guard job and then find training and schooling along the way to grow your experiences in this field like the 21 days Elite course.

Factors that will disqualify a Candidate – especially in the private military sub-sector – is an unsatisfactory military discharge, poor credit, a criminal history, or any other factors that will prevent the Candidate from obtaining a Security Clearance. Private military jobs almost always require the ability to obtain a clearance, so if a Candidate cannot obtain a clearance, that Candidate will be rejected. Private security jobs that are not specifically within the private military subset of jobs may not require a clearance, but this is where your reputation comes into play. The conditions surrounding your situation will be evaluated as well as the actions (or in actions) you took afterwards to rectify it. While rare, we understand that there can be exceptional cases and consider those on an individual basis.

By far, the most damning disqualifying factor that exists more than we’d like to admit is when a Candidate lies about or exaggerates their credentials. At Silent Professionals, fabricating or grossly exaggerating your credentials will get you banned for life. Even if you are a military / law enforcement veteran – if you lie or fabricate your experiences, you too will be banned for life. If you’re an honest person, don’t let this make you nervous. Because of our team’s experience, it is very apparent when a Candidate is fabricating their credentials versus a when a Candidate has some typos or makes simple mistakes on their resume. Our team has reach into every service, agency, company and community that touches this sector; therefore, we conduct peer reviews on every Candidate to corroborate a Candidate’s experiences and reputation prior to sending their Candidate file to an employer.

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