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Hiring Veterans

Hiring Veterans for Executive Protection Job ITS

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Hiring Veterans

​Employers say it all the time: “Good people are hard to find.” But when it comes down to selection process of candidates for a job, the term "Good People" may change to "the right fit"

It is common to send the message that college is the best path for success for our children, but it doesn’t even seem to matter what they study, as long as they come out with a degree.

While some people would firmly disagree with this statement the majority of the special agents government program for example the FBI, DEA and CIA  jobs will not give you a chance to apply if you didn’t have a college degree.


In fact, most times, your credentials didn’t even get in front of a human being: most responses came in the form of an automated rejection letter informing me that the position required a college degree. And while there are certainly many examples of professionally successful people without college degrees, this doesn’t negate the fact that many employers require one before you’re even considered.

Hiring managers especially in the PMC/PSD/PSS industry are finding less candidates with the intelligent and well-pedigreed talent than ever, and finding it increasingly difficult to find character traits like commitment, resilience and grit in the talent pool.

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