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Florida is our main school location during the winter.

The facility include live fire kill house, little bird army helicopter, several tactical shooting ranges and all needed for high quality tactical training. In this location we run our courses from beginners level, advanced and professional.






Our executive protection course is designed for both beginners and students with experience in the security industry. Whether you've worked in law enforcement or have a passion for protection, you'll be able to level up your tactical training with this immersive training course


Israeli Tactical School now provide a unique tactical training experience for students proficient with firearms that would like to experience the next level of tactical training as close as possible to the real deal.

In our SWAT training you will experience immersive skills build up. The topics in the course are Individual, two men, squad and team Live-fire CQB room clearing in a live fire shoot house, utilize 3G night vision goggles, flash bangs and airborne army helicopter exercises with a little bird MD360.

The course design for students from all levels from intermediate and all the way to the professional levels 

SWAT Training
CQB training | ITS
Pistol Training | ITS



The emphasis of the course is on hands on live fire room clearing CQB  as one man / two men. The course follows the Israeli secret service individual warrior doctrine limited penetration tactics. This is a course designed for beginner, utilize live fire shoot house designed especially for home defense, active shooter interception, concealed carry applications. TAC 1 & 2 are the stages of the program.

How to use a pistol effectively in case of emergency require to implement muscle memory with many repetition. Only when the student feels confident and comfortable to operate the pistol during "dry" (no  bullets) we move to the live fire part to shot. 

Approaching weapons manipulation fundamentals from the stand point of human bio mechanics, ergonomics, and mental processing, the TAC™ program is as much about understanding the weapon system as it is about understanding yourself and the principles that make you who you are

About us

The Israeli Tactical School is an international executive protection and counter terror academy. Primarily located in the USA, the school carries out training projects and protection services for high-value dignitaries and public figures across the globe. To be successful in this, the Israeli Tactical School’s mission is to provide superior hands-on training from experienced and battle tested tier-one operators. The school has instructors from Tier-One Israeli units, the US Secret Service, and US Army Special Forces. These Instructors are selected carefully in order to ensure a standard of excellence and the ability to teach and protect international clients with varying cultures and languages. 


Executive Protection missions and training are the crown-jewels of the school’s operation, with a specialization in Head of State Protection. The Israeli Tactical School has provided protection unit training for multiple Heads of State, Kings and their families, presidents, members of parliaments, wealthy business moguls, and celebrities from the entertainment industry. Many of our graduated students will later work with the school’s protection projects or with peer companies that hire them due to the footage of high-quality training our students receive at the school. 


In the school’s protection program, we focus on attack prevention. That is, the ability to stop, delay, manipulate, and deceive attackers. These efforts utilize counter-surveillance tactics such as how to avoid being tracked physically/electronically, how to effectively break routine, cyber security, social media presence, and the dark web. Students will learn these skills as well as more traditional methods such as physical deterrents.


An instrumental aspect that sets The Israeli Tactical School apart from its competition is our focus on combat training for executive protection missions. Pulling straight from the Shin Bet doctrine, we understand that the last line of defense, should prevention attempts fail, is the ability to intercept and neutralize threats. The school focuses on hand-to-hand combat, tactical shooting CQB live fire, room clearing CQB live fire, motorcade ambush live fire team work, and vehicular live fire tactics. The students experience these live fire CQB skills in the individual and team levels.These crucial skills built in training are an important foundation for students to be able to overcome difficult situations in the most dangerous parts of the world. Our combat training builds up the student’s confidence to win situations, solve problems, become a team player, respond to authority, leadership and present discipline in the face of life-or-death scenarios. No matter what corner of the world bodyguards find themselves in, these are all instrumental qualities for an executive protection professional to possess.



7055 48th St NE, Okeechobee FL 34972

The training center Israeli tactical school is using in Florida belong to Okeechobee Tactical Range covers the area of 68 hectare. It situated among the environmentally sound and clean landscape and lakes. The training facility include different training infrastructures to include live fire kill house 360. helicopter airborne training with "little bird" MD300 and shooting ranges from/to water lake side, sniper, rappelling and more.
At this training center we provide all the programs of Israeli tactical school from beginners, tactical training. Executive protection training to SWAT training.
The location is around one hour drive from Palm Beach and 1.5 hours from Orlando in Florida.

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Our school collaborate with bodyguard school Texas, California, Georgia, Florida and 5 others security agencies to aid our graduated student to get a state certificate as executive protection, CCW concealed carry licenses and security guard certificates right after the course.,Our protection training Miami branch will have the ability to provide D and G license is one of the examples and other close protection training certificates.,Students interested with payment plan, scholarships and financial aid please contact our admission office for more details here or our bodyguard school videos here,Since other schools focus mostly on class room time theory instead of practical training our school programs can provide a real value that eventually can get you the the job you are seeking - the logic is clear the more advanced training you do the more capable you are to get your dream job and I'm refereeing here to the California Guard card. Basically but the tecc, evoc training the that it fun the rest of the courses out there are too basic. Eventually the executive protection jobs are offered to fit capable people. 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In order to provide personal security or personal protection required to build up security detail to work together as a team and coordinate especially during emergencies live fire situations in contracting over seas in companies like Blackwater. These companies looking usually for similar combat skill set like in commando or special forces units. Our courses specialize with development of non permissive environment specialist personal security detail that will help you be fit to compete on the same positions, near me. The type of executive protection Training we provide can not provide on-line or in the class room and similar to executive protection agent training in Tier one Federal Agency. If you are looking for celebrity bodyguard training and not PSD or advanced tactics then we recommend to you to check our 4 days covert protection course., its tac, close quarter tactical, firearms training for beginners,,Most of our training take place in Florida firearms academy near Palm Beach / Miami and North Carolina about an hour from Raleigh airport. Our courses similar to private military training courses for companies operation overseas like Triple Canopy and the Federal Security agencies for example our pss/psd training or if you are looking for personal protection training near me or simply dignitary protection training. 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