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The training center Israeli tactical school is using in Florida belong to IMI Force covers the area of  68 hectare. It situated among the environmentally sound and clean landscape and lakes. The training facility include different training infrastructures to  include live fire kill house 360. helicopter airborne training with "little bird" MD300 and shooting ranges from/to water lake side,. sniper, rappelling and more. At this training center we provide all the programs of Israeli tactical school from beginners, tactical training. Executive protection training to SWAT training. The location is around one hour drive from Miami and 45 min. from Naples, Florida.

Lodging based on availability of hotels in the area and meals provided at the location for additional fee


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 31101 Nafi dr, Immokalee, FL 34142

Close airport in Ft Myers (RSW) about 30 min. from the training center or Miami airports about an hour from the Training center 


Our beginners tactical training program designed for students wish to take their skills set to the next level. We learn to use the techniques  to serve different mission applications. The courses in this stage focus on live fire together with hand to hand combat in the individual level and later we start to focus on the team level through TAC 3. 

The TAC 3 course is a two man Room Clearing CQB course and is the last stage of the beginners program. The beginners stages are an important step before the SWAT and executive protection programs.




Our course is designed for beginners or/and students with experience in the security industry. 

The majority of course is hands-on live-fire urban room clearing CQB together with vehicles ambush, evacuation & extraction exercises. The course designed to be with minimal classroom time.


The focus of the course is on realistic emergency scenarios, in-order to achieve it we utilize 360 live fire shoot houses ( Florida & Poland locations ) this allow us to test abilities in the closets environment to the real thing. There are additional training we conduct utilizing force-on-force to test tactical ideas and reactions with threat as role players but the majority of the course is urban & vehicle live fire exercises.

The course follows the Israeli Secret Service (Shin Bet) executive protection doctrine and the lead instructor of the course is Tomer Israeli a former officer in the Shin bet and served as special agents team leader for executive protection in the Israeli  embassy in Washington DC. Tomer Is also a chief security officer rank in the service


The course designed for students wish to obtain skills in the world of SWAT and direct action. The course focus on live fire room clearing as two man/ squad and team tactics. During the course the students learn to apply the tactics in different missions scenarios such as hostage rescue, raid, night sneaking. In the course we learn to utilize NVG  (night vision goggles) and little bird helicopter as to access the roof top of the objective and add the 3D option to the team assault maneuver 


The training center provided lodging 3  Air conditioned rooms suites with a kitchen, living room and two bath rooms with plenty of parking space. The suites are perfect place to rest after a hard day of advanced training. Cost of lodging 230 per suite.

For students don't mind to stay together in one space there are Air conditioned barracks with showers for 50 USD per night 

Also dining room available.

Other lodging are available about 30 min. drive from the training center.

Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school
Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school
Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school
Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school

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