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How to land your dream job in the field of executive protection | PSD | PSS

Tomer Israeli - Head of school

“Would you offer a job for graduated students after the course ?” - is the million dollar question I am being asked again and again from potential students debating between the different schools' programs.

The right answer here is simply the truth! No one will offer you a job before they get to know you ! and if they do promise you a job, please make sure that you understand exactly what type. I had several students reporting that they didn't get a job as bodyguards after the course and most of them report they were working as estate of the vip not as his personal security and did it for several year usually with no access to do bodyguard job for the client before spending some years as basically a doormen.


If they offer you a bodyguard after the course, make sure what is the exact pay per hour and how it’s calculated meaning how much exactly per hour would you get.


So, how can I get a job as a bodyguard then ?

I guess that the most certain way to get is by answering employment ads and making sure you have under your belt not just the most basic bodyguard school diploma of celebrity protection but achieve a higher goal of seeking education as PSD security detail, meaning seek a job as bodyguard in overseas contracting.


This way you kill two birds with one stone. PSD is a higher education venue compared to celebrity security education. After the PSD course you will be able to apply for jobs on both sides of the ally, meaning contracting overseas and the lower level of protection and wages the celebrity protection.


What makes the PSD course superior to the celebrity protection courses out there?

The answer again is simple. Celebrity protection is a mission that takes into consideration zero threat and deals mostly with paparazzi photography and makes the life of your VIP as convenient as possible. 

Therefore the bodyguard is not much more than an Uber driver - Since the celebrity doesn't believe he would be attacked the bodyguard is expected to do less security and butler job.  The big misconception is that celebrities do get attacked physically and also assassinated and since their bodyguards are too busy being a butler the protection end result is poor at best.


Since, they do not know better the celebrities bodyguard schools will advocate low threat uber + driver education during the course. In other words the students do not learn how to really protect themselves and the VIP from real attacks. These celebrity schools basically teach 20% (lets say) from 100% security possible missing the main problem, how to protect from a real professional attacker.


Our school focuses on the worst case scenario meaning what happens if an attacker wants to kill the VIP. 

This question of what level of protection the VIP really needs it’s tricky and may change case by case between VIPs but assuming all the celebrities are low risk is not real, ask John Lennon for example.


Meaning understanding how to protect John Lennon against real attackers is the right way to go - and for that we need to learn how to provide 100% security and learn only the 20% - after all we can always compromise to 20% from 100% but at least we know what we compromise for.


Since our school follows the Israeli Secret Service VIP protection doctrine, a battle test best practice. We will teach you exactly the same concept as we teach in the Secret Service that focuses on high risk VIP protection. 

Meaning at the end of the course you would know security at the head of state level and all the way down to the celebrity protection level. This type of knowledge will help you to be flexible and increase or decrease security level depending on circumstances and not automatically provide low level security.


Another reason to aim for a higher level of education such as our PSD course is to be in a position to obtain a position in the overseas protection units. For example the state department or similar units follow the state department security procedures.   


This venue of employment will put you in a position to make 6 figures salary and off course build up your professional experience beyond any estate protection job and in some cases will increase your ability to compete with other students over bodyguard positions domestically since you are much more skilled as warrior after PSD course then basic celebrity course.

This is the reason our executive protection training considered to be one of the best in the world



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