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by Tomer Israeli 

The founder of Israeli Tactical School Close Protection Program shares 16 Quick Tips for successful executive protection performance:


1. Stay in the NOW – do not get distracted by past or future events.


2. Always be prepared for an immediate and unexpected departure (cars at the ready, available walking route, clear access to exits).


3. Do not eat or drink anything in public view, and NEVER eat with principals and/or principal staff – even if invited repeatedly. Politely decline, explaining that sharing a meal while on duty would position you poorly for your mission and likely compromise the safety of the protectee.


4. Maintain physical and mental readiness, especially cardio, hand-to-hand combat, and tactical training. Do your best to attend a serious core practice advanced training at least once a year. For example: covert protection (undercover security and counter surveillance); room clearing CQB; vehicle CQB shooting (static and from moving vehicles); arrest & control as well as restraining methods in general.


5. Do not chew gum on the job.


6. Always maintain awareness of your environs, even when talking with someone.


7. Always Keep your jacket/coat unbuttoned for quick access to gear.


8. Limit radio communication to information that serves the mission.


9. Do not stand close to other protectors while posted.


10. Drive with noticeable slowness while in public view and when media are present.


11. Keep head up and eyes working during radio communication.


12. Do not sit, lean, or slouch; keep hands at the ready.


13. Always be aware that your protectee might be filmed/recorded.


14. Constantly re-evaluate physical position, and improve tactical position if possible.


15. Doubt the good intentions of everyone around you, be prepared, and have a plan to eliminate anyone in close proximity  if needed.


16. Do not allow anyone to approach you without proper consideration; do not give anyone the option to surprise you at  close distance.


Have a successful mission and always watch your brothers 6 o’clock.

The writer is Tomer Israeli, head of Israeli Tactical School in Washington D.C. Tomer is a former special agent team leader and chief security officer in the Israeli Secret Service. 

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