How to choose the best executive protection training

by Tomer Israeli 

Throughout my career as head of school, I encounter many students with different expectations regard their future in the industry of executive protection. Some of the students had more realistic perspectives then others but overall, the misconception about what in the end of the day is a bodyguard was missing. The misconceptions of course are natural, we all have them.

In this article, I will try to answer and solve some of the misconception to help you choose a better career path: 


​Why to take bodyguard training in the first place?

​People want to be safe! The risk the client see is probably the more important trigger to hire a bodyguard.  

It’s highly recommended to take a course that put focus on emergency response with live fire, hand to hand combat and the most important avoid the conflict skills sets to counter the surveillance attempts before the first shot fired. Students that went through extensive emergency training would be more effective then students that only learn it in theory.

Let us tackle the subject from the angle of the client the V.I.P.

The last thing the VIP want to hear from you that you learn how to save him in theory. VIP and Executives are serious people with serious budget to buy the best they can. They got to the level of success due to their professionalism with real life abilities, do you really think they will hire someone to protect them that is not in the effective high-quality professional level?!

So, as a reader I would say at this point – yes, I agree but I was not born a bodyguard, right?! I need to start somewhere. My suggestion to you if you really want to become a professional bodyguard is to do the following steps:


1st step: Have a strategy

Start to think strategic about your career and make sure every step you take along the way will serve this strategy.

2nd step: Have a plan

Start from what type of skills you want to develop not diplomas. For example, martial arts black belt in 8 years, emergency driving skills, firearms tactical training to serve the mission of Executive protection, under cover skills for covert security and counter surveillance missions. If your ambition is to go to overseas or/and high-risk work profile I would suggest trying to do the PSD courses that emphasis on tactical team level with live fire and cars convoy motorcades and etc.


3rd step: Be committed to the plan and strategy

Stay on top of the plan with schedule and budget commitments to twice a week at the BJJ, MMA or Krav Maga classes. A weekend visit to the fire range, join driving skills course and even to take acting classes to be able to work under cover and maintain a cover story.

The highlight of your yearly plan should be once or twice a year to do a course boot camp style as much as possible no bs hands on realistic training that will push you to the next level.

The writer is Tomer Israeli head of Israeli Tactical School in Washington D.C a former special agents team leader and chief security officer in the Israeli Secret Service

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