Duration: 4 days

$ 1400


Our course is designed for beginners or/and students with or with no experience in the security industry. 

The course 

 Preliminary Risk Assessments
 Advance Concepts & Route Selection
 Protective Perimeters & Layers of security
 Develop & Implementing a Protective Detail
 High profile Protection to deter
 Covert Protection Concepts
 Foot & vehicle Formations
 Counter-Surveillance & Surveillance - tracking avoid tracking
 Motorcade & Convoy Security Concepts
 Pre-Attack Indicators & Behavioral Analysis
 Vehicle Sweeps & Estate Urban Sweep
 > Advance team & Protective Detail Field Hand-on exercises
 > Guard Card / Bodyguard license States Licensing Requirements For the State of Florida G license - The State of Texas Level 1-4 license and The State of Georgia License
 > CCW (Concealed Carry License) - For the state of Florida and Texas


Lead instructor

Tomer is also a former captain and team leader in the Israeli army with several deployments in Lebanon include the 2nd Lebanon war in 2006. In the 2nd Lebanon war Tomer led his recon team 20 km behind enemy lines and was responsible to supply field intelligence and targets acquisition for the Israeli Airforce jets and missiles during the war. In the beginning of his army career Tomer served in the Israeli Delta Force (Sayeret Matkal - Yuval team DEC 92) & Golani - Orev before he went to officer course.

In 2011 Tomer founded in Washington DC - Israeli tactical school with focus on Executive protection and counter terror training for professionals and civilians. 

Certification & licenses

Graduates students from our protection program will receive a G and CCW license for the state of Florida, level 1-4 for the state of Texas and Executive protection license for the state of Georgia all as part of the course outcome that will allow you to get a job immediately coming out from the course at these states.

Course includes

 > Basic firearms & hand-to-hand combat and arrest and control together with prevention tactics and counter surveillance.

 Course includes pistol hand-to-hand combat & vehicles tactics - include all the prerequisites to obtain the armed guard and executive protection license for the States of Florida G, Texas level 1-4 and Georgia


This course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises. The course contains 50% lectures time in the classroom and 50% of the time hands-on and prevention before and during emergency events. The live fire exercises will take place in a range in Miami Florida.
The course designed especially for beginners and all the way up to the professional levels.

All inclusive prices

> The student will bring his own gear / weapon and ammo (400 rounds).
> Sign up time 30 days before the course with 700 USD deposit + PayPal fee.

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The course follow the Israeli Secret Service (Shin Bet) doctrine course curriculum and schedule:



08:00 am - Course overview & instructors introduction & Executive protection mission overview - class room (101)

09:00 am - Risk assessment & mission planning & Counter surveillance - class room (101)

12:00 pm - lunch 

01:00 pm - Fundamentals pistol - concealed carry draw, fine trigger work, rapid fire, precision shoot, multiple attackers, mags change & gun malfunction - dry

07:00 pm farewell



08:00 am - Pistol fundamentals - range time - wet

​12:00 pm - lunch 

​01:00 pm - Shooting with a VIP exercises (one agent and a VIP)

07:00 pm Farewell


08:00 am - Formation one/two agents / from Vehicle to Urban / scenarios - red carpet event, resturant 

12:00 pm - lunch 

01:00 pm - Routes / safe rooms / break routine / advance work - write mission plan for event and resident security plan

07:00 pm - Dinner & free time


08:00 am - FTX - going with a VIP to events - meeting, mall and speach in hotel

​07:00 pm - Diplomas and farewell


Students comes to the course based on thier own car - If you need us for transport that will be additional fee of 50 USD per day

Gun rentals & ammo

Although, we provide the firearms for the course this is highly recommended to use your own firearms. If you want us to provide you the firearms (It's possible for 50 USD per day / cost of ammo is 60 cent per bullet and you will need 200 rounds for the course).


The course requires pay of deposit no later than 21 days before the course. The deposit is non-refundable!

The rest of the payment need to be paid on