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Prices are all inclusive - 3 meals a day, barracks  lodging, transportation, unlimited ammo, gear and firearms (rifle / pistol)

We offer 3 different training education strategies for employment or/and upscale your value in the protection market 

ITS | Executive protection course in Poland ITS
ITS | Executive protection course in USA ITS

Course info

Our course is designed for advanced students with vast experience in the security industry preferred with experience with martial arts or/and with army, and law enforcement experience. preferably with proven combat background (beginner students with no experience will be accepted to the program after evaluation process with program lead instructors).

The majority of course is hands-on live-fire urban room clearing CQB together with vehicles ambush, evacuation & extraction exercises. The course designed to be with minimal classroom time. Our facilities worldwide give us access to 360 shoot houses (kill houses in Florida, Naples and Warsaw, Poland) with video scenarios of crowded events to simulate live fire the closets possible to reality. The live-fire video scenarios enable us to challenge the students to make decision under pressure as well as according to the rules of engagement. This state-of-the art realistic training provides  our students with experience on the same level provided at the Israeli Shin Bet programs.

This training program is based on the proven training methods of the Israeli Secret Service "Shin - Bet. The Course is approved by employers companies and institutes from all over the world that hire our students in the end of the course.

This is a physically and mentally demanding course requiring long days and maximum student participation; please prepare accordingly.

Gallery & videos of the course


A former veteran of the Israeli secret service "Shin bet" and special agents team leader for Executive of protection

A veteran captain of the Israeli Defense Forces with over 20 years of both combat and instructional experience. He began his army career in the Israeli Delta Force ...  read more

Course Instructor

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Other courses & events:

Duration             Pricing

9 days                   6000 USD



GLOCK 19/17, AR15 (USA) & MP5 APC (Poland)

Course includes close protection CQB tactical live fire training with focus on pressured emergency scenarios with a V.I.P in team levels - firearms available  for rent for 50 USD per day



This course will be taught using theoretical and practical exercises. The course contains 5% lectures time in the classroom and 95% of the time live fire combat emergency exercises. The live fire exercises will take place in an urban area at 360 /270 kill houses. At the shooting range we conduct the out door vehicle CQB and V.I.P extraction exercises.
Final training exercise will contain IN TOWN EXERCISE - training in realistic every day situation.
The course will be given in different locations around the world for more details about global events schedule here

Skill prerequisites

  • Good physical shape with focus on aerobic

  • Go through our school background check 

  • Must recommend to be familiar  with firearms and hand to hand experience before the course - not a must since our courses design also especially for beginners 

  • Must recommended passing emergency medical education before the course

Required gear

  • Belt mounted, dominant side concealment holster

  • Sturdy belt at least 1.5” wide

  • Concealment jacket or vest

  • Footwear suitable for rapid movement

  • Casual, comfortable civilian clothing suitable for training in any weather

  • Hydration system

  • Sunscreen and bug spray

  • Hat

  • Wraparound eye wear

  • Earmuffs and earplugs


 Close protection soft arts module

  • Protection specialist roles and responsibilities of the Close protection agent

  • Threat and Risk Assessment

  • Surveillance and counter surveillance planning

  • Operational Planning

  • Law and Legislation

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Close Protection Teamwork and Briefing

  • Close Protection foot & vehicle drills

  • Route and navigation Selection

  • Close Protection schedule analysis 

  • Search & crowed screening Procedures - body, cargo & car

  • Profiling, questioning and Incident Management

 Close protection combat module


  • Response by using hand-to-hand combat and Pistol during live fire emergencies, include react to threats in various scenarios - urban room clearing CQB, vehicle CQB and V.I.P extraction / ambush scenarios (one man & a V.I.P scenarios)

  • Vehicle control under pressure - J-turn, driving as part of a convoy, using the car as a weapon and wounded driver replacement 

  • Convoy of two or more live fire ambush CP/EP exercises in the individual, two man and team levels with combination of urban CQB 

 All inclusive prices

  • In Poland and Thailand our courses are all inclusive (hotel, meals and transportation 

  • In the USA, Latin America and etc the price not include hotel barracks available for 55 USD per day and meals and gun rental 50 USD per day 

  • Sign up time 60 days before the course with 700 USD deposit + PayPal fee 


6000 USD

USA prices

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