Price $2100.00




        Instructors with vast combat driving experience  

        Live fire ep vehicles extraction exercises



       Duration: 3 days

       Price $2100

       USA - Maryland

Course Information  

    Protective/Evasive Driving Training 

Course Price   $2100

In our bodyguard school, we do our best everyday to provide the student cutting edge realistic hands-on training to prepare him to serve as professional PSD Executive Protection agent. As an industry leader in the Executive Protection training, we provide this driving program side by side with our advance tactical shooting. It's well known in the security industry that almost 99% of attack happen during the routine movement of the dignitary. we combined inside this special driving course also a portion of tracking and avoid tracking with a car. This special add on designed to give the students not just reactive skills to danger but also counter surveillance skills to detect attack in the making in the gather of the intelligence stage


Up Coming events 

         MARYLAND, FREDRICK - March 3-5, 2020

         MARYLAND, FREDRICK - April 25 - 27, 2020

         MARYLAND, FREDRICK - April 28 - 30, 2020

         MARYLAND, FREDRICK  - May 25 - 27, 2020

         MARYLAND, FREDRICK - August 17-19, 2020




4537 Metropolitan Ct, Frederick, MD 21704, USA


Course Outline


The focus of the instruction is to give the operator the ability to operate, evaluate and

react to emergency situations evolving a car during EP mission.

US style Protective Services Driving & Combative Tactics Best Practices

  • ​The Security Driver Mindset: Emotional Preparedness / Case Studies (Videos) / Working with Non-Security Personnel / Use of Force


  • Vigilance & Situational Awareness: Pre-Trip Intelligence & Threat Assessments / Site Advance & Routing / Counter Surveillance / High Time Horizon / Proper Vehicle Distance - 360’ / Safe Havens / How to “Speak Road & Car” / Emergency Response Procedures


  • Vehicle Dynamics: Driver & Vehicle Response Times / Lateral Acceleration / Vehicle Dynamics (Force, Velocity, Distance)


  • Security Vehicles: Communications, Tracking Options, Locks, Tinting, Armor Options, Window & Tire Options


  • Vehicle Inspections & Equipment: Vehicle Prep & Inspection / Driver Positioning / Proper Tire Inflation / Communications / Emergency Equipment



Evasive Driving Exercises

Serpentine and Precision Exercises

  • Emergency Lane Change Drill

  • High-Speed Emergency Breaking / Stomp, Pump & Threshold Breaking

  • J-Turn / Bootlegger / 45 Degree Turn / Power Slide / Figure 8 (Skid Control) / High-Speed Reverse

  • Ramming (Push Through)

  • Driver Down Vehicle Control Drill

  • Vehicle Firearm Tactics

  • AOP (Attack-On-Principle) Drills - Recognition, Avoidance & Counter Assault (Vehicle as a Weapon)