Our security academy for executive protection training courses in Washington dc provided the  following programs: Personal close protection: This Executive Protection training in our capitol city just near Maryland Chevy Chase and Bethesda, Rockville, north Potomac and Germantown. Our courses focus on tactical self-defense, firearms training for bodyguard executive security mission. Handguns training courses for beginner’s civilians are also provided side by side with concealed carry license and ccw, for Maryland. Our beginners Pistol training all provided in our school to serve the whole Washington DC metro area. The classes provided in northern Virginia Manassas training center and Gilbert Fire range in Rockville. What make our Executive protection training in Washington one of the most advance programs in the world is the emphasis more on live fire exercises than any other program in the world. Similar to the U.S Federal agencies for executive protection training. This bodyguard training in Washington DC is unique in the country and allow you not just to have for great training but also establish your first footsteps in the close protection industry nationwide and globally.

Our Executive protection training instructors provide training like Shin bet training meaning allow you to train exactly like Israeli operator of protection. This training is a pure counter terror tactics adaptation to the world of security very much similar to the tactics exist in the Mossad training academy and similar schools such as the private military academy and other schools of commando training academy for civilians.

Our school executive protection training in Washington DC consider to be one of the most distinguish high quality courses executive protection schools in the world.

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Washington DC Handgun rifle tactical training firearms classes ITS

14690 Rothgeb Drive Rockville, MD 20850

Firerange in Maryland

Located close to Rockville Maryland and hour from and bout half an hour drive from Washington D.C allow us to do in door rifle pistol training and private lessons. Cost of private lessons are more expansive but allow us to give more attention to every student. Private lesson are recommended for students with difficulties that wouldn't feel comfortable in a group setup. 

Reflection Ln, High View, WV 26808, USA

Echo Vally Firerange near Winchester 

Located close to Winchester Virginia and hour and half drive from Washington D.C. Allow us to do out door rifle pistol training vehicles and room clearing

14690 Rothgeb Drive Rockville, MD 20850

Executive protection training in Washington DC

ITS | Executive protection training | covert security course 14 days | Israeli tactical.com/virginia

Executive protection 7 days 

Our entry level course designed especially for beginners and professional .. read more

High risk EP / PSD 10 days

The high risk over seas contracts require tactical combat elements ... read more

Under cover bodyguard 14 days 

In the course we focus on combination of key elements ... read more

Beginners & tactical training in Washington DC

ITS | Tactical training in Virginia | Tactical shooting in VA | www.Israelitactical.com/virginia

TAC 1 - Basic pistol 

How to use a pistol effectively in case of   ... read more

TAC 1 - Basic rifle

This class is similar in many ways to the TAC  ... read more

TAC 2 - Rifle / pistol transition

In the course we focus on combine the ... read more

ITS | Tactical training in Virginia | Tactical shooting in VA | www.Israelitactical.com/virginia

TAC 3 - Intro to room clearing 

In the TAC 1,2 course we learned how to ... read more

TAC 4 - Room clearing 

At this stage of the program, we deal with ... read more

TAC 5 - Vehicle CQB  

This class focus on how to use the car as a  .. read more

We offer 3 different training programs for beginners in their first steps introduction to firearms, students looking to increase self defense skills to the tactical shooting levels and professional protection, army & law enforcement wish add our counter terror & protection education to their 

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Our school focus on Counter terror and Executive protection training of units & individuals globally. Training provided by our Tier one experienced instructors veterans from elite distinguished Israeli & U.S units such as Israeli Delta Force (Sayeret Matkal), Israeli Navy SEALs (Shin-13), Israeli Secret Service (Shin-bet), Mossad, U.S Secret Service, U.S Green Beret and etc.

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