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VIP and Celebrity Bodyguard Services

The main responsibility of a bodyguards is to protect their client (mostly VIPs and Celebrities). A bodyguard’s role is to keep their client out of harm’s way even if it means putting their body and life on the line.

Personal bodyguard services, or private security, can work for anyone at any time including politicians, celebrities, or they can be hired to protect a local business. Usually, in the case of a public figure, multiple bodyguards are hired.

The President of the United States usually will have bodyguards that are visible and extra bodyguards that blend in with a crowd in case someone tries to do something to harm him.

Many times a bodyguard can serve the role of driver and are there to make sure their client gets to the place they need to be. Often, bodyguards are assigned by reputable agencies. It is best to look for an agency that has experience and hires competent, experienced, and disciplined bodyguards.

The one common mistake people make when looking for a bodyguard is looking for someone who is muscular

Covert Protection

Detail Job position

Covert Protection Detail Job position ITS

Job Title

Covert Protection Detail Philippines

Position: Contract

Salary: $450 / Day + Expenses

Location: Philippines

Job ID: 01354

Job Description

Employer is a private US-based company seeking an experienced Covert Protection Agent with prior experience as a solo EP practitioner and with prior security experience in Nicaragua.  The selected agent will be providing covert counter surveillance and close protection support to an American family while they are in Philippines.  The contract rotation is based on the Client’s travel to and from their secondary residence in Philippines which occurs in 1-2 week periods, several times throughout the year.  Because of the sporadic rotation, candidates who already reside in Philippines (or regularly travel to Philippines) and meet all other minimum and preferred qualifications in the sections below will be prioritized for preferential consideration in the selection process.

Job Duties
The PPO/ FPOS Medic is responsible for assisting the team leader with the provision of armed security both mobile and static in order to provide the client the appropriate level of protection on all SET missions. In addition the PPO/ FPOS Medic is responsible for the provision of basic life support to the client and company staff; he reports directly to the SET team leader.
– Act as PPO and vehicle commander on all SET movements outside the LSC.
– Responsible for providing armed deterrent and presence at all sites visited by the SET in support of the dedicated client.
– Responsible for delivering the security brief to all clients on vehicular missions.
– Responsible for maintaining a high level of situational awareness on all missions.
– Responsible for check navigation as required.
– Responsible for the maintenance of all weapon systems issued.
– Act as PPO/ Medic on all SET movements.
– Responsible for conducting client medical welfare checks whilst static on site.
– In conjunction with medical trainer is responsible for conducting all medical training within the SET.
– Provide support & assistance for any Medical Officer as required
– Perform any other tasks and duties not mentioned above as directed by Project management.

Hiring Criteria
·         Military experience obligatory minimum of 5 years
·         Completed a recognized Close Protection PSD Course
·         Private Security Company experience desirable, especially as Operator/ Medic.
·         Previous experience in Oil and Gas industry desirable.
·         Previous hostile experience in the Middle East of at least 2 years .
·         Good standard of written and verbal skills required.
·         Computer literacy advantageous.
·         Certification and experience in Basic Life Support essential (FPOSi Course)
·         Certification and experience in Basic Life Support Resuscitation essential.
·         Previous experience in clinical care experience desirable but not essential.
·         Medical training role qualifications desirable.
·         Good inter-personal skills, both with Project, Client & external personnel.
·         Age not prescriptive, but candidate will need the experience referred to above.
·         Be in possession of a current driving license.
·         Must be able to work productively under pressure.
·         Will need to demonstrate flexibility.
·         Be in possession of a clean police criminal records check.
·         Must be physically fit to operate in extreme weather and arduous conditions
·         In date SIA license or international equivalent.

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