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5 DAYS                2500 USD


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Covert protection gives the tactical value add of giving the client the in flexibility and freedom to move low profile through his day to day routine . This is achieved by providing covert set of tactics and preventative procedures and mitigating risk that make the protection effort completely unrecognizable as security.


In the course, you will improve your soft skills, as well as your protective roles such as covert advance work, behavioral analysis, pre-attack indicators, counter surveillance, mission planning. 


Cost of class is all inclusive for 5 Training Days, 3 meals per day, airport pick up/drop and lodging costs  ( 2 students per room ) Holydays Inn express in Winchester, Virginia.

– Military or law enforcement veterans with or without experience in civilian/corporate executive protection work
– Anyone seeking employment in the executive protection field

– Must be physically fit and capable of enduring all of the demanding physical requirements of the course


• Different clothes accessories to maintain cover story for the surveillance & counter surveillance - for more details contact us before arriving to the course

•  See list of items here


Course includes basic pistol rifle CQB & vehicles live fire in the individual level - live fire evacuation exercises, hand to hand combat and EP procedures  



The course contains 5% class room time & 95% of the time live fire combat emergency exercises. The live fire exercises are taking place in a 360 /270 kill houses in open outside fire-range during the warm season.
The course designed especially for beginners and all the way up to the professional levels.


 All inclusive prices

  • 3 meals per day, lodging (barracks or private room for extra fee), transportation, ammo and firearms

  • Sign up time 60 days before the course with 2500 USD course fee + PayPal fee 


2500 USD

USA prices


Covert Protection Training

In-order to be work in most fields you must have specialized training especially in the filed of covert protection. Covert skills fundamentals and advanced skills needed to in-order to succeed in this industry. 

Covert protection training is a component of Executive Security that has changed significantly over the past two decades. In the past any large, physically fit man with deter presence was employed as a Bodyguard. Now days it is no longer the case. Today, women and men are working in the field, and bodyguards training is considered key to succeeding in the field, together with physical strength, endurance and agility are only part of the PSD/EP education.

In today’s security market conditions, you will have an extremely hard time finding a job without an Executive protection course and especially without high quality one.  The covert security course will help you distinguish yourself from the pack further. Now days most VIP's rather not to be seen with bodyguards and the demand for covert security is clearly increased.

Our school covert/EP/PSD programs designed to give you the necessary skills set and experience to get a job as under cover agent. The course field exercises are based on the best practice of the Israeli secret service (Shin bet) covert security tactics. These battle tested tactics are in the field of surveillance, counter surveillance and classic covert work.

How to penetrate with manipulation a secure area, how to get information using social engineering and manipulation skills, how to secure an event with out presenting the fact that you are protection detail, how to advance and event with a cover story to notice irregulars, surveillance attempts by the bad guys. A great deal of the course focus on the attacker point of view by conducting surveillance exercises in a real life environment.

This course will humbly change the way you feel about your security knowledge forever. In the end of the course, you will understand, how venerable you are for a covert attack. In the end of the course you will be able to use these covert tactics to your own advantage defending from surveillance and manipulation attempts and also to use these skills in a good way while doing your undercover protection job.

What is Close Protection

So, what is Close Protection? To be ready for the worse case emergency scenario.

There are a number of activities and professions that are sometimes confused with bodyguard operation, lets clearly define what is and is not executive security.
Executive protection refers to the various measures and counter-measures that are taken to ensure the physical safety and well-being of the client. Some of these Protection measures include mission planning, risk assessment, events advanced recon work, research on clients, as well as providing asset security, close protection, surveillance, counter surveillance, mail screening, background checks on employees and visitors and guest coming into contact with the client.


Bodyguard and Counter Measures

Measures and counter measures are respectively offensive and defensive interventions implemented for the purpose of achieving an objective. Measures are offensive or proactive interventions initiated by the executive protection professional.

These interventions are designed to make it more difficult for someone to harm your client as they go about their business. Measures such as establishing a strong forward presence, safe entrance and exit tactics, and coordination with uniform security and law enforcement, varied travel routing, advance recon, are a few examples of measures taken to protect the physical safety of your client. Each of these measures is proactive in that they are initiated by the bodyguard team, inspired by their experience and training in anticipation of potential threats.

Counter surveillance and counterattack measures are defensive or reactive interventions taken to avoid real and perceived threats to a client. Counter measures are responses to actions, perceived actions, or circumstance that have the potential to harm your client. Counter measures can include adding more people to the security details, change travel routes, hotel accommodations and overall breaking the routine tactics, quick evacuation and extractions, and other initiatives include full covert operation with under cover low profile counter measure in case of high risk situation.

Ensuring physical safety and well-being are the end goal of any bodyguard professional. The important thing to note in this section of our definition is that for the executive protection professional the goal is not so much to save someone who is already in danger, it is to keep a person from a dangerous situation. The VIP pays bodyguard professional to keep them out of harm’s way. Therefore, ensuring physical safety is more a matter of steering a client clear of harm than it is a matter of removing a client from a dangerous situation.

Celebrity & VIP Protection

An important detail of our definition is all executive protection professionals protect VIP’s. The reason this distinction is important is because there are special needs associated with protecting VIP’s which can only be met by an executive protection professional. VIP’s live a life that is unfortunately conducive to attracting dangers.

Bodyguards train hard to learn the ways of protecting VIP’s. To learn the often exotic and habits of the world’s elite will develop you to make decisions that will keep your client alive and well, the dangers they and their families face are unusual at best. The job of the executive security professional is to know more about their client’s routines and the potential consequences of those routines than the client themselves know. The need is to take this information into actionable plans is main effort of executive protection professional.

Executive protection professional gives everything they have and to bringing order, safety, and security to individuals whose public personas have placed them in harm’s way. Carrying out the duties of an executive professional can be exhausting both physically and mentally.

As executive protection professional you will spend days planning a detail and hours executing the detail. There will be times when your life will be in great danger and other times when you will feel as though you will die of boredom. There are times when you will be exposed to extreme temperatures and long hours on your feet.

There will also be times when you will have to perform strange duties you would never have expected. It is impossible to say what will happen on any given day or any given assignment because each day and each assignment are different. One thing that will not change is your responsibility to create an environment that provides the optimal opportunity for your client to live their lives free of interruption to their daily activities.

There are many and varied opportunities in the protection industry, and it would be my pleasure to assist you in finding the best possible fit as you make your way into the world of executive protection service

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covert executive protection
covert executive protection
covert executive protection
covert executive protection

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