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Duration            Pricing

5 DAYS                4000 USD


Course includes state of the art battle tested tactics exactly as provided in Israeli Secret Service agencies like the Shin bet and Mossad



The course contains 30% class room time & 70% of the time field exercises. The exercises are taking place on the city streets in our training center in Florida or in Washington D.C
The course designed especially for beginners and all the way up to the professional levels.


 All inclusive prices

  • 3 meals per day, lodging in a private room  transportation

  • Sign up time 60 days before the course with 4000 USD course fee + PayPal fee 


4000 USD

USA prices


Course info 

Any kind of attack like – kidnapping, robbery, extremist action, covert action by a the enemy – required familiarity the target in advance.  Since the attacker need in some cases to be present to collect the information he needs for the attack - that give the detection team opportunities that we will teach you how to exploit..

Our Counter Surveillance Course offers one of the most proven tactics with which to detect enemy surveillance against fixed and mobile assets and personnel. 


Early detection gives a valuable time for the team to prepare to either deflect, contain, manipulate or eliminate the attack.

Our anti-terror Shin bet & Mossad experts (Israeli Secret Services) will provide training tailored to your needs and meet requirements and, it is second to none.

  • Decrease the potential for enemy activity against a you, loved ones, assets fixed or mobile any where on the globe. 

  • Provide likelihood for detection of the enemy before the attack include exploit his surveillance attempts

  • Increase the knowledge, and capabilities and confidence of the protection team in detecting targeting activity.

  • Anti kidnap, anti criminal or anti terror tactics would be a good completion to your organization security and protection procedures and allow your dignitaries more freedom in their movement without hurt their life style, mobility and etc. Some of the tactics we apply, we allow you hide the movement of your client and help you protecting him with minimal resources.

  • Increase security team self-confidence by apply these battle tested skills and procedures which are specifically designed to uncover surveillance in the Israeli secret service agencies.

Who should take this course?

Security professionals, law enforcement and military can all benefit from this counter-surveillance training.

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Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school
Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school
Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school
Executive protection training at Israeli tactical school

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