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Sensor course

Tomer Israeli - Head of School          



Counterintelligence course ?


The "sensors" class is part of our counter surveillance security program for institutes that would like to deter and prevent surveillance and eventually attacks on.


Schedule of the day


- Meet-up inside the main space and introduce the course plan and instructor (15 min.)


- Introduction to surveillance - field exercise (60 min.)

1. Planning surveillance and attack operation (cover story planning for each stage)

2. Open sources analysis

3. Far distance observation point

4. Close distance observation point

5. Touch the objective and try to get inside with a cover story

6. Conclusion - analysis of the routine defines weakness points

7. Choose alternatives for attack based on the weakness points and resources

8. Choose attack options A and B

9. Prepare for the attack include models, reversal, and collect more information to finalize the attack.

10. Plan get away retreat / extraction plan

11. Attack

12. Extraction and hide in a safe location


The students will choose a cover story and will try to collect info for an attack from observation points (45 min.)


Students hot debrief (15 min.)


- "Sensor" role as part of the event security plan - objectives, technique, contingencies

1. Simulations of approach to a potential attacker - questioning and interrogation tactics to break cover story (30 min.)

2. Students practice includes hot debriefing (30 min.)


Setup event security planning simulation with roles and simulations of attackers, non combatives and defenders - (15 min.) 


Final exercise Group A (25 min.)

Final exercise Group B (25 min.)


Debrief with all the group and decision makers and farewell - (45 min.)



- Amount of students max 10

- Radios - 10 short distance radios

- 2 roles players strangers that would function as the surprise element at the beginning of the day - more about their roles we need to do in advance (maybe we can use people from the church / synagogue and vise versa)


For any questions I'm here

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