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Why to learn Counter Terror tactics in an Executive Protection course?

Tomer Israeli - Head of school

The purpose of our Executive protection training bodyguard program is to develop the next generation of close protection specialists. Our executive protection course is considered to be one of the best executive protection training schools in the United States.


What make the program so top notch is simple:


Our Instructors 

The best possible available instructors out there. Yes, real life real deal instructors are hard to find anyway not to say to have them available in this niche of knowledge. On one hand to have passionate instructors but also hands on experienced special agents with field practice, combat experience that can share not just information but also motivated to do it with excellence. 

We really care about every student and since like in many other things God is in the details also our instructors make sure that you follow the sequence of every step to perfection to allow you not just to learn it but also to be good at it, confident and of course understand why you do are doing it in the first place.


We select the instructors from the industry and also from our own graduated students that wish to do the instructor phase and establish themself as instructors  for the long run.


Among our instructors you can find former green berets, US secret service, US State deperatment diplomatic security, US Navy SEALs, etc.


The Program 

The most important part of any high quality program is how real it is. Our school bodyguard, executive protection and PSD/PMC/PSS program is based on the Israeli Secret Service training. This program is provided in the SHIN BET Counter Terror School design for all the warriors / operators of the agency that deal with counter terror on a daily basis. 

Meaning initially the program was designed to develop warrior skills in the CQB / CQC close quarter battle tactical environment. Meaning the perspective of the school is that in-order to protect a person you need to excel your combat skills. The more lethal you can be, the better. Only when you do it well can you focus on the not less important side of the job to avoid the conflict as priority.  

Therefore our program focuses greatly on the combat cqb tactics and implement in the approach for the executive protection mission or how we can use these combat skills we gain with tactical shooting and hand to hand combat to do our mission as executive security and protectors of the others.

What makes counter terror tactics so efficient during emergencies?

The main approach of the Israeli CQB system is to close the distance to the enemy is the most important part.

This way the enemy feels he is about to die. This physiological effect will make him make mistakes under pressure.

SInce during a bodyguard mission after failing to prevent we are in an ambush situation the approach of closing the distance is critical for your survival.

Instead of staying where the enemy plans you to be, you close the distance to him so he has no choice but to change his plan and adapt to the change you have initiated. This approach to the fight we call it individual warrior doctrine or lone warrior doctrine that proved itself in numerous fights.


So, why to use individual warrior doctrine for executive protection emergency events?

After implementing the skills to deal with an aggressor at close distance like mentioned above, The next step is to do it also with a VIP or VIPs around is almost identical to the type of reaction you do alone without a party or another individual to protect especially.

Since we can’t train you theoretically how to do it through this article I just would set a few assumptions and values to make sure you understand the why behind it.


  1. If you are dead or not capable of fighting there is no one to help the VIP as well. Therefore evac the vip would not come instead of taking care of the threat for the sake of all people involved. I’m not saying that VIPs are not important, but taking care of the threat is more important.


  1. Especially when the VIP is not alone to take care of his wife and kids are as important and now I need to evac under threat multiple people that some of them if the attacker did his job are dead or wounded and in the uncertainty condition of the gun fight it may be unclear until taking care of the threat who left to take care of 


  1. From what I demonstrate here it is now clear what is the magnitude of the mess and chaos we are dealing with in case of an ambush and there is no way to evacuate and fight at the same time, you probably won't evacuate well or don't fight well. Some of the students suggested using the resources in a different way to accomplish evac and fighting almost simultaneously and they are right - yet easy to say not easy to do and as a proof join our classes and lets see you doing it - you will be surprised how many lessons you learn your efficiency in these circumstances. In other words it’s sound nice on paper the reality is much more complicated to grasp especially in fog of war conditions 


The executive protection training in Israeli Tactical School is a complete best practice to how to deal with threats during executive protection mission 

To be able to manage combat and evacuation considering the fog of war and chaos are our school specialty and the main reason why to take the course if you are seriously about being a bodyguard as a career choice.

In the course we focus on fundamentals of emergency response, situational awareness tools, soft arts like mission preparation, avoiding conflicts and prevention and of course how to deal with an emergency where everything else has failed.


For example

Your VIP is going to a red carpet event in Hollywood on one of the most important nights of the industry,the Oscars.
The situation doesn’t look rushed, but you notice a guy with a camera falls, probably one of the paparazzi, with another next to him. Then a rain of bullets knocks out two LAPD policemen that weren’tprepared, not able to draw their weapons to protect themselves, the crowd of fans, other photographers, and celebrities combined.
Your first reaction kicks in. The training you took from your last course that you have maintained since then from countless repetitions kicks in. “Contact front” - you knew what to do, you knew it’s the only option really. Your car was stuck behind another car and another behind you - the way the security
arranged it wouldn’t give your fellow driver any other option to move the car away from the scene. It was too crowded.
Your fellow agent the driver yelled also “contact left.” He noticed another active shooter moving on your left between the cars, engaging innocent people left and right - some of them try to run away - hide - pretend to be dead, but nobody was fighting back, nobody knew what to do.
You get out and open the door like your training - the “contact front” guy, now you could see a white guy in a suit with an AR-15 in his hands advancing to your right shooting another LAPD cop, neutralizing him.
You put the “contact front guy” in your sight and unload several rounds until he falls - your brother inarms, the driver, and fellow agent did the same almost at the same time when he yelled “left fell,” you replied, “right fell.” Then the important coordinating word that reflects on what you would do next, “Moving,” and the driver said, “ We are moving.” Each of you moves directly to the terrorist that fell on the floor making sure he’s neutralized, and away from the car, but still in eye contact since you had your  VIPs in the back sit low as you instructed them to do so in-case of emergency.

“Simply lay low if something like that happened” - You reply to the question of your celebrity movie star you have protected over the last two years - this power couple dominating the Hollywood gossip yellow newspaper, considered one of the most down to earth people - they knew what to do.
You progress to a corner that was a combination of a niche in the concrete wall were you could see your partner, your client’s car, but not exposed in the middle of the sidewalk, making sure you are not an easy target for a potential third terrorist.

Now fairly secure and waiting for more indications, you take the security hut from your pocket and mark yourself as a good guy to avoid being shot by confused LAPD cops that start to progress to the scene - the last thing you want is to get a bullet from a blue-on-blue incident, so you conceal your gun under the
suit still in your hand ready to use and communicate to the cop where you and your brother were located, what happened, the fact that you are armed, etc. Only when the highly trained tactical teams take over - could you get your VIPs to the safe room to rest and pull themselves together, while cameras flash in their faces. To know what to do in the event of an emergency is not theoretical at all. In-order to be vigilant, you must have the knowledge to take action, while under pressure. Principles such as evacuation under fire are problematic, engaging the threat, and making sure that evacuation is even possible requires you to have a tactical understanding of the situation, and can’t be automatic. Your VIPs are not soldiers - to move a VIP requires understanding where to take him or her as part of a contingency plan that you need to improvise, and if possible, plan beforehand during the advance recon missions before the missiontakes place . These topics were learned intensively during our courses, but more importantly tested under pressure in live fire and hand-to-hand combat exercises.
Our course has no classroom time or powerpoint slides; we train like we fight - we are out there at the range, or at the Krav Maga area applying the obvious movements with the VIP, walking from the car to the building, to in the building, to restaurants, hotels, cocktail parties, a speech or lecture, a car on road
through traffic, or wherever the VIP needs to go, we are with him, with a contingency plan for every situation, that we train for thousands of times.
Israeli Tactical School Executive Protection program based on the Israeli Secret Service active shooter interception doctrine, puts an emphasis on taking the war to the other side as first response - taking tactical position - and consider evacuation only where you understand where you want to take him.

This doctrine is battle tested in numerous incidents where our agent either won the fight, or was able to secure the VIP, taking him or her to a secure area planned beforehand, or improvised in real time.

Now Is The Time To Start
Whether you’re retired from service or have a time prior to your next employment, your next steps
should influence the next phase of your life. If you’re still unsure, speak to one of our advisors for more
details, as well expectations and earliest start dates.



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