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Founded in 2011 Israeli Tactical School provides training programs for security, law enforcement and military professionals as well as civilians.

About us

Israeli Tactical School is a world class training provider with operation all over the globe with focus on protection & counter terror education for private individuals, law enforcement, army and private companies.

World class quality 

The secret to our success is non- compromise approach for quality. We are running courses only with tier 1 lead instructors from the Israeli Secret Services (Shin-bet & Mossad), Israeli Delta Force (Sayeret Matkal), Israeli SWAT Police unit (Yamam) and instructors in our branches in USA (Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Los Angeles, NYC, Texas and in Europe Italy (Milano), Ecuador and Poland and Asia we provide courses in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong.

Advanced training facilities 

In different locations globally, we have access to some of the best facilities available for civilians with out/in-door ranges, Live fire shoot houses with 360 degree angles, lake and sea shores with capability to conduct live fire exercises. In the location we have access to vehicles.


Unique airborne & marine courses 

zodiac boats and army helicopter training MD300. Helicopter training include fast rope, SPYE, rappelling with Omer 1, figure 8, k9, with access to different buildings (school, church, prison)  and urban mini city that are classic for small units tactics training.

We have ability to rent different firearms platforms form Glock 19/17, sub-machine-gun MP5 / APC, AR 15 and AK47, different kind of sniper rifles and nigh vision and illumination equipment. 

Our instructors also travel for training project at client location. 

All our school programs available for private people as well that wish to train in the highest level (require background check conducted by the school.​

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Our programs designed especially for beginners 

Beginners T​raining



TAC 1  Pistol - basic - HQL 

6 hours

TAC 1  Rifle - basic

6 hours 

TAC Transition Rifle - pistol

3 hours

TAC 3 Room Clearing  Intro home defense - live fire 

8 hours 

TAC 4 Tactical Room Clearing 

home defense - low light & flash light mounted on pistol or rifle - live fire

8 hours

Tactical T​raining



TAC 4 Tactical Room Clearing with a crowed situation & (no light and low light flash light mounted - live fire 

10 hours

TAC 5 Vehicle CQB for Law enforcement / concealed carry - Live fire 

8 hours

TAC 6 Tactical Room Clearing - two man - Active shooter response -live fire 

8 hours


Advance T​raining



TAC 7 Tactical Room Clearing as three / four man (Squad) live fire + night vision 

2 days 

TAC 8 Tactical Room Clearing squad / team - live fire + airborne hostage rescue with army "little bird"

3 days

TAC 9 Tactical Room Clearing squad / team + Hostage rescue form a bus

3 days 

TAC 10 Tactical Room Clearing squad / team urban scenarios with helicopter "little bird" & fast rope

3 days 


Approved by

Bodyguard Training



Executive protection corporate

7 days course

PSD / PMC High risk 

10 days course

High risk Covert Security 

14 days course

Courses List:

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