$100K Security Contracting Jobs for Veterans

by Tomer Israeli 



Executive Protection and PSD $100K Security Contracting Jobs for Veterans


Does the idea of fat paycheck for short term overseas gig in one of the world dangerous spots appeal to you?

If you are wondering how much it pays, then these &100k executive protection jobs or security contracting jobs for veterans might be for you.

Private security contracting industry is booming, especially given the world instability and many countries motivation to reduce their military footprint overseas.

Some for-profit organizations and non-government companies contracting in war zones, piracy hot spots and destabilized areas.

Private security is a vital component of these countries’ daily operations.


Do veterans can get a job in security contracting?

Many of the security contractors are ex-military personal but as you can imagine, they are not the people who spent most of their rime behind a desk.

Private security companies seek skilled combat experience personal but have a strong preference for ex-special forces veterans. You must be ready to deploy, in good physical condition and preference with urban combat, weapon manipulation, VIP protection or personal extraction operations. Paramedic or linguistics skills are a big advantage.


What does a contractor do?

The specific details of your position may not be presented on the company website. For instance, the job description for protective security operator in Iraq might detail convoy and facility protection duties. These advertisements will not specify the small details like where you will work and with whom.

Usually security contractors’ jobs include providing security for vessels, facilities, residences, escorting convoys transporting goods such as food, oil, water, weapons and providing security training to foreign military and police.

The job may sound familiar like the position you did in the army. The most important thing is to remind you that you not necessarily have the back of the US military behind you, when things can get bad, they make get bad fast. According to some distinguished research institutes such as Brown university estimates that “ over 7000 contractors working over seas for the United states have been killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones.

Other aspects of the job, it will not be going to be 8 to 5 job. Usually employers have you based in Africa or Middle East. Your day may be 10-12 hours or more. You could average six days a week for a one-year period, with a 4-week vacation halfway through some contracts will let you work for 2 months but then have an unpaid break before the next contract.

What are the advantages?

The highest level of security contractors can earn upward of $600 a day in hostile area. Annually wages run from $100k to $200k for those with specialized experience.

Where can I obtain the training to meet the criteria for these overseas positions?

check our High-risk executive protection training and PSD training here:



For jobs opportunities check the following destinations:

DynCorp International is a leading global services provider offering unique, tailored solutions for an ever-changing world. Their success is based on seven decades of strategic decisions and the dedication of the people who have made them a trusted partner to commercial, government and military customers. We provide sophisticated aviation, logistics, training, intelligence, and operational solutions wherever they are needed.  DynCorp International is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, USA.

At AECOM, veterans can continue to make a difference by putting their military experience to work. We value the unique training and experience military veterans to bring our teams together. Our team is dedicated to identifying the best qualified military candidates for employment. We offer challenging global opportunities and currently employ over nine thousand veterans on projects across the United States and around the world.

Academi Formerly Blackwater, but now under new leadership, Academi has many contracts in Afghanistan.

AdvanFort specializing in maritime security and anti-piracy, AdvanFort personnel provide security for vessels transiting through high-risk piracy areas.

Constallis currently offering more than 24 security jobs in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Security contracting is not a job for every veteran. It requires the commitment, mental fortitude, and physical fitness to take your specialized military skills and return to the world’s danger zones. But for those who thrive in these conditions, the pay and challenge can prove rewarding.



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