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Why do professional executive protection attend our courses ?

Tomer Israeli - Head of school


The ability to learn from everyone is a critical aspect of growing abilities. Executive protection training is not much different. In our courses, we follow the Israeli Secret Service doctrine for executive protection of dignitaries, although the similarities to other doctrines, the doctrine is also much different then other doctrines.

The main difference between us and others is the focus on combat and prevention and less on the ceremonial part of the job meaning in our point of view a bodyguard is first and foremost highly educated on how to prevent the attack more than on the customer service part of their job. In the day to day with a new client you will learn what and how the VIP would like you to handle his sensitivities therefore I dont have a concern regarding your customer service after the course, I’m sure this aspect would be their anyway instead our focus is on the prevention and combat aspect relatively harder skills to develop and here is where we put the effort to make a much better skilled prevention and combat bodyguard.


The effect of learning and having a deep understanding of the why and how we do things will also develop the student's tactical understanding - meaning tactical training is an eye opener of tactical thinking and basically development of the security IQ of the students.


An important aspect of the course is focus on the attacker point of view, meaning the students are required to learn also the aspects of the attack by conducting attack planning and street undercover surveillance operation by using cover story, manipulation and distraction etc. All of that in-order to get closer to the objective, to do analysis of his routine and eventually planning assassination. The attack's success and failure would be an important lesson for the defender to help him close the gap and learn from his mistakes.


As professionals you are also in a constant search of doing it better, more effectively, with less resources - our course focuses on best practice of our TIER 1 unit the Shin Bet when it comes to protecting VIP they consider the highest level Israel have. 


In the last course joined us a former CIA decorated experienced field officer to brash some rust and learn some new tricks, or an FBI special agent that came to learn the Israeli Individual doctrine that is very very different from the tactics common in the USA and the FBI is interested in implementing as well in their counter terror school in Quantico, a former US Navy SEALs from team 4 that works as executive protection already and is looking for way to stay in shape and grow skills.


What is common among these professionals is the understanding of one basic thing, you don't know what you don't know and better to have a clear understanding of the potential out there and what you can adapt at the end of the day.


The focus of our school on the combat CQB live fire with the urban and vehicles, extraction exercises live fire in the team level, focus on field street exercises in a real environment vibrant full of people all around enhance the value in the course in the eyes of the professionals that so also the theoretical stuff and power point slides and now focusing to practice the real deal in a real environment.

This what our executive protection training one of the best in the world




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