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What is Executive Protection Formations ITS

Bodyguard Certification

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Certification, How does it work really?


You finish a course certifying you as an executive protection operative, Close Protection Officer or any other title out there. You worked hard to gather the money for the expensive course, you feel skilled and accomplished and eager to start working a as a bodyguard. In your dreams you protecting a celebrity on a red carpet event or on a music tour around the glob. Yet, you find out that it's not so simple! 

In this article, we will try clear things up and set the expectations close as possible to reality.

The truth is that in-order to have a gun and work with it - you need a permission from the state to use it for work and have a pro insurance for it. Therefore you need to meet the state requirements to get an armed security license, some states like the states of Georgia, North Carolina, Washington State and others require you to be a bodyguard and private investigator to get the bodyguard license to work as armed security. All of it is nice but if you have a job in NYC or Los Angeles suddenly the certificate is not recognized automatically and require the local state approval - meaning in the end of the day you can't carry or hire someone else to carry while you with your VIP protection armed detail that you hired locally.

To help you with this logistic problem, Israeli Tactical School have access to 8 certified schools in different states (former students part of our family) that recognized the training and will help you apply for a state certificate instead of doing another course again and waste money and time.

For details about the recognized states certificate for our graduated students contact us here

I finished the course  what now ? 

I get it, you want to work. Let's say you finished our Advanced 9 Days EP/PSD training or our 21 Days Special Agent course and you live in Florida or North Carolina or Texas or any other of the 8 states that recognized our courses for state certificate. So your certificate is approved !

Now, it's time to get a job and be hired !

- Write a knock out CV with the with a good edited version of you doing the hand to hand combat / tactical shooting / driving meaning that prove you are capable dude.

- Keep training - you always as good as the last training you did - JOIN our Tactical Instructor program to keep sharpen the spear - get more experience teaching combat - that would look very good on your CV again - meaning to work with us in the project as an assistant instructor maybe a good investment down the road.

- We recommend to work in any security job offered you an try to shin in every protection project, get a letter of recommendation from your employer - impressed them - be the guy they want to promote or give responsibility 

- Work on your cardio, be fit, look like the real deal will open doors for you.

- Engage with other through social media, get to know new people and share with them your projects, training, and security field info - be active in the community and belong to a community will have your name out there for future projects.

- Keep your work ethics very very high - never promise something you can't stand behind it - your good name is the most important thing in this industry - people talk - if you have a bad reputation you will find it hard to succeed in this industry.

More about how to do all of that during our executive protection course

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