What type of job placement we do in our school?

by Tomer Israeli 

Yes, we can help you build up your position in the industry. But realistically, no matter how much connected we are most of the success depends on you and what you bring to the table.


  • Law enforcement / military background (special forces background is incredibly helpful and recommended)

  • Martial arts black belt or minimum blue belt or equivalent in (Brazilian Jiujitsu, MMA, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Kick boxing and etc (especially competition background)

  • Advanced tactical training such as provided in depth in our school – will NOT just teach you how to shoot! – our courses design to wrap up all the skills and tools you master and apply them in a real-life mission. Meaning our training focus your abilities polish and test them for the reality.

  • Besides skills, tools, and a package of elite training it is all about you and what you bring to table and present to the future employer and eventually the client: It's start from professional appearance, discipline, values coming from home, work ethics, team work, communication skills and tons of common sense.
    As you see here most of the things we present here could develop in the military and martial arts on a daily basis.


Bottom line, in-order to win your dream job you need a lot of thing to go well in the way you present yourself. In this section we help you how to write your CV and what to focus on, adding your videos doing room clearing live fire or jumping from big SUV with your team mates will show a future employers more then 1000 words about your potential in case of emergency generally speaking and your ability to handle pressure – see this video of the last day of our High risk EP/PSD 9 days course (Live fire motorcade ambush team work with urban room clearing and evac of VIP to chase car)


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The writer Tomer Israeli is the head of school a former special agents team leader and chief security officer in the Israeli Service “Shin bet” and the lead instructor of the High-Risk EP/PSD 9 days course.

Tomer also served in the Israeli army as captain and team leader in the Israeli special forces (recon long distance unit) led his team at the 2nd Lebanese war in 2006 behind enemy lines in operation in south Lebanon on the border with Syria. In the beginning of his army career Tomer served in the Israeli Delta Force a commando unit with focus on recon, direct action and hostage rescue.

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