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        All the content of our 10 days High Risk PSD course  

        Live street tracking & avoid tracking with vehicles & on foot

        Under cover security street exercises include full under cover tactics


       Duration: 14 days

       Price $6000

       USA - Virginia - Washington DC area 

Course Information

    Covert Security Course  

     Course Price            $6000

In order to defend from the enemy, it is better to know his methods, weakness points, routines, and systems. The world of protection is missing a great deal without counter surveillance tools and under cover tactics. These tools are learned hands-on through live street exercises. During the course, each student receives a cover story and has to maintain it through the field exercises. This enables students to learn first hand how to work undercover, how to conduct manipulation attacks. We teach how to collect intelligence. Intel collection will provide enough tactical info for your team to plan and conduct physical attack on VIP detail. a crucial tool in ensuring the security of a protectee. Exercises such as detect tracking, avoid tracking on foot and with cars give a perspective on the attacker point of view while conducting your PSD mission. All in all, this is a must for professionals and novices alike. All the content of the course provided in addition to our 10 days High Risk PSD course content. The course designed for students to work in high end security work jobs or over seas PMC. The course following surveillance tactics as used and provided in the most elite tier one units.ITS | Covert Protection Training | Covert Close Protection. top covert protection & counter surveillance covert close protection training & counter intelligence the best executive protection under cover course

Sample Course Outline


Day 0

  • International student gathering at the airport & transport to hotel / training center pickup around 14:00  

Day 1

  • Introduction to personal executive protection

  • Case study review 

  • Attacker point-of-view 

  • Introduction to surveillance & counter surveillance

  • Site survey development & risk assessment - field exercise

  • Advance team mission & roles

  • Hand-to-hand combat for executive protection 

Day 2 

  • Surveillance & counter-surveillance field exercises

  • Tracking & avoid tracking (on foot & vehicles) field exercises

  • Attack on dignitary field exercise with cover story & deception 

  • Defensive pistol for TAC1 and TAC2

Day 3 

  • Use of force in the protective environment

  • Protective walking and driving formations

  • Selection and utilization of cover and concealment with a protectee

  • Hand to hand combat gun retention in EP scenario

  • Defensive pistol TAC1, TAC2 & TAC3 dry & live fire

  • Introduction to room clearing as individual CQB for TAC4

Day 4 

  • Hand-to-hand combat knife defense in EP scenario

  • Room clearing CQB live fire in 360/270 shoot house (TAC3)

  • Firing from vehicle, ballistics on vehicles, direct action (TAC5) - live-fire pistol 

  • Introduction to selective shooting in a crowed (TAC4 and beyond) - live-fire pistol 

Day 5 

  • Hand-to-hand combat knife defense & arrest & control

  • Firing live fire from vehicle direct action CQB exercise (TAC5) - live fire pistol/rifle 

  • Live-fire direct action CQB shoot house (kill house) (TAC4 and beyond) - live-fire pistol/rifle 

  • First Aid Overview - TCCC  focuses on severe trauma in hazardous conditions anywhere, not just battlefield.


Day 6 

  • Hand to hand combat executive protection scenarios with extraction

  • Firing as two agents from vehicle to direct action Urban scenarios ( TAC 6 ) - live fire pistol / rifle 

  • Evasive driving extraction maneuver for executive protection mission 

Day 7 

  • Replace driver when the car on the move & stationary 

  • To/from building live fire with extraction to safe room/car (EP1)

  • Extraction to safe room/car (EP1) - speech, market & restaurant

  • Ambush of the cars convoy & extraction (chase & principal) (EP3)

Day 8 

  • To/from building live fire with extraction to safe room/car (EP2)

  • Extraction to safe room/car ( EP2) - speech, market & restaurant

  • Live fire convoy ambush CQB & extraction (chase & principal) (EP 3)

Day 9 

  • Live-fire multiple agents convoy exercises medium distance & break contact urban street/highway (EP3)

  • Force-on-force ambush from medium to CQB distance in urban setting

Day 10

8:30-10:30 Introduction to surveillance

10:30-12:30 Cover story build up and acting

12:30-13:30 Lunch

14:00-18:00 Use cover story, street field exercises, plan surveillance as individual and team, conduct individual and team street field exercises

Day 11

8:30-12:30 Working from a post & communication during intel gathering 

12:30-13:30 Lunch

14:00-18:00 Use cover story and deception to penetrate secure sensitive area - field exercise

Day 12

8:30-12:30 Plan full intelligence attack on objective as a team (CP scenario)

12:30-13:30 Lunch

14:00-18:00 Conduct attack, tracking & avoid tracking 


Day 13

8:30-12:30 Plan full intelligence attack on objective as a team (CP scenario)

12:30-13:30 Lunch

14:00-18:00 Conduct attack, tracking & avoid tracking 


Day 14

Final exercise FTX - full under cover mission with role players with emergencies on the covert side and tactical side include evac with manipulation 

Diplomas and course debriefing 

Course Locations

Virginia, Manassas Training Center 

11446 Rogues Rd. Midland, Virginia 22728

Poland, Katowice Training Center

EUROPEAN Counter Terror Center 

43-430 Bładnice Dolne, Poland

Thailand - Training Center 

333 Shooting training Center

333 Pamiang, Doisaket, Chiangmai, Thailand, 50220


  • Security Background information - Please send us the complete info as shown on your passport, submit a short bio and a reason why you want to take the seminar - email us here.

  • Registration - after approval, please use the payment box in this page,

  • Accommodations are not included in the fee and are the student's responsibility

  • Firearms, gear would be provided although it's highly recommended to use your own weapons and gear

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